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Golf and Lake Lots: Questions to Ask to Find Your Ideal Homesite

Choose the best lakefront of golf homesite If you are searching for the perfect property to build your dream home, “location, location, location” isn’t the only factor to consider. With lake and golf communities, understand that you are not just investing in a homesite, you are also buying into a lifestyle — a lifestyle that could potentially last a lifetime, as well as create a legacy for your loved ones. Picturesque views of beautifully manicured golf greens and a lovely lake are important but there are other important points to think about when deciding on the best lot for you. Get the answers to these important questions before you buy so you are well-informed and can make a smart decision.


  • Do you prefer a flat or a steeper lot? Consider your direct access to and from the lake or golf course (if available), the views you desire and the ability to have a basement.
  • If lakefront, what’s the topography under water? Can you put in a dock? Go boating and swimming? Or is there lake access if you don’t purchase a lake front lot. Lots that offer lake access can be an amazing bargain.
  • What will the views be like in different seasons? With the leaves down in winter, a less expensive lot could have pretty seasonal views of the golf course or lake.


  • Are there main roads fairly close by to provide easy access to city and town amenities?
  • Is road to the property difficult to navigate?
  • Will home construction crews (along with their equipment and building materials) be able to access your lot easily?
  • Who maintains the roads to your land, the town or the community that it’s in?


  • Will you have access to the town’s sewer system or will you have to put in a septic system?
  • Will you have access to the town’s fresh water or will you need to drill a well?
  • How is garbage pick-up handled?
  • Are utilities such as electricity, cable and phone readily available? Are they underground?
  • Check your cell phone signal at the lot. Keep in mind other cell providers may have a stronger signal.

Lot location

  • If on a lake lot, do you prefer being on a quiet cove or a channel with a lot of boat traffic?
  • If on a golf course lot, will you mind people walking on your property? Is it likely that golf balls will hit your house? Some people don’t care as long as they have the beautiful view.
  • Will the land provide the views you seek now and in the future?
  • Will your land be close to the clubhouse or pool? Consider not only noise but lights and traffic as well. Some people love easy access, some like more privacy.

Community Amenities

  • Study the golf course design carefully. A champion-level course could be admirable but it also might be too difficult for the average player and take too long to play, not to mention cost millions to keep maintained.
  • Aside from golf and access to the lake, what other perks are available? Is there a pool, security, tennis courts, playgrounds, restaurants, fishing, walking trails, golf shop, marina with available boat slips, clubhouse, social activities, wellness programs, family events and other nicely appointed venues for private entertaining? Which are of these are most important to you?
  • What are the membership fees? Are they mandatory so you’re not required to make up for other resident’s shortfalls?
  • What is the stability and financial condition of the community? Check the developer’s reputation and finances carefully.
  • Is there easy access to transportation (like an airport), major thoroughfares and other amenities outside of the community?
  • Are restaurants, shopping, hospitals and schools nearby?

There are a lot of choices out there. For some, a lake or golf course lots simply represent a space and a view that will stay that way — unchanging and protected. Today, a lake or golf homesite has a better chance at increasing or at the very least, holding its value better than any other residential property you can buy. If chosen wisely, your property will make an excellent investment not only for yourself but future generations to come.

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