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5 Big Benefits of Building a Brand New Home

Thursday, Jul 14, 2016  |  admin  |  Real Estate


Ahhhh, that brand new home smell. It’s like that brand new car smell that we all seem to love so much. It’s exciting. There’s just something about a “never-lived-in” home. In fact, a recent survey from Trulia found that 41% of Americans prefer a newly built home over one that has been lived in. Why all the allure? Here are five reasons:

b2ap3 medium 1020 Carnoustie DriveThe ability to choose your own piece of property

Have you always wanted a lakefront home with a perfect sunset view? Or maybe a home with long, sweeping views of a perfectly manicured golf course? Or even a homesite that encompasses both? Those things your wish list are much easier to make a reality when you find the perfect piece of land to build your home on.

The ability to choose and modify your favorite home design

No matter your home design preference, you don’t have to settle for someone else’s idea of perfection. Work with a home designer who can help you build the home of your dreams. Plus, if you need a bigger window to see that sunset or a screened-in porch to better enjoy the outdoors (bug-free), a great home designer can tweak the design to make these dreams come true.

The ability to choose interior design details to your exact specification

From flooring to light fixtures, countertops to carpet — these are all details that you get to choose to your exacting standards. And if you don’t think you are the designer type, you can get expert help to make the experience exciting, fun yet still uniquely your own.

New homes are more energy efficient

Brand new homes are built to standards that are often well above most older homes. Well-built, new construction homes will have more consistent temperatures, are less drafty and have better indoor air quality. They will have the most advanced technology in HVAC, roofing, insulation and more.

New homes have lower maintenance requirements

Speaking of HVAC systems, the one in your newly constructed home will keep your home at a comfortable temperature for years to come. You won’t have to replace the roof or paint the house in the near term, either. These are big maintenance expenses that you won’t have to worry about anytime soon, diverting big headaches and saving you money.

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