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Downsizing? With All the Benefits, Consider It “Rightsizing” Instead

Thursday, May 19, 2016  |  admin  |  Real Estate


As we age, things change. What was once your large, vibrant home, full of life, may now be oddly quiet (and clean) as your children begin to “fly the coop.” Suddenly, you have this large space, with a large yard, all of which needs to be maintained on your own, since Junior isn’t around to help out anymore. And, worth mentioning, you’re heating and cooling now empty rooms that somehow keep accumulating more and more dust. It all gets old pretty fast. What to do? Downsize.

But downsizing doesn’t have to be a downer. Consider it “rightsizing” instead. Rightsizing is a better term as it means you don’t have to make sacrifices when moving to a smaller place. In fact, it could mean quite the opposite. A smaller, yet luxurious home in a prestigious community is a smart option.

Consider these benefits of a home that is the “right size” for your life: 

Less is more

A smaller home that is the rightsized for you and your current needs will mean more money in your wallet. No longer will you have to pay large amounts in taxes and insurance. No longer will you have to pay huge utility bills. You may even decide that you no longer need landscapers to maintain your large yard. The decrease in all those expenses will give you more money to work with when budgeting for your new, classy rightsized home.

Bond with family and friends

Moving to a smaller, yet luxurious home designed with more usable space has its advantages. A smaller home in a prestigious, recreational community can be easily within your budget. Better yet, it presents a compelling reason for your kids, grand-kids and friends to come visit. Of course, they want to spend time with you but having the added benefits of amenities like a lake, golf course and pool will be added enticements. Your new home could inspire special bonding opportunities and create many wonderful memories. Memories that you may not have the ability to make at your old home.

Make a great impression

Many believe that living in a larger home is impressive. However, you can create the same effect even if your home is smaller. A beautifully-designed, well-built, perfectly-situated house on a gorgeous piece of property will certainly make a “WOW” statement. You can achieve the same effect inside, with stunning interior design elements and high-end appliances. Bonus points if your right sized home is located on a lake, pond or golf course.

Create a wider resale market

Investing in a smaller home is a wise investment. If or when it comes time to sell, your smaller home will appeal to a wider audience of buyers. You can boost the value your right-sized home offers by having it in an ideal location – a great neighborhood with fantastic amenities and a built-in community that cares.

Of course, the toughest part of rightsizing will be parting ways with stuff that you no longer use or need. It will be a lot of work, but once done, you’ll realize that you love your dream home much more than you ever loved all that stuff.

Ready to make your rightsize home a reality? Harbor Club golf and lake community is introducing new homes in the Club Cottages and Carriage Ridge neighborhoods that would be the perfect size for you.

Contact Kathy Phillips for more details.