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Easy Southern-Living Recipes Using Staple Ingredients

Thursday, Mar 26, 2020  |  admin  |  At Home


Since we’re all being urged to stay home while COVID-19 plays out, we figured it’s the perfect time to get some cooking and baking done. And as a Southern Living-Inspired Community, we’ve gathered a list of easy, Southern-Living recipes that utilize staple ingredients that you probably already have on hand. Get ready — now is the time to ditch the junk food and eat well while you’re hunkered down in your house

Slow-Cooker Grits 

Grits are a classic, southern staple that everyone loves. When you check your pantry, push aside the quick-cooking stuff and grab the slow-cooking, stone-ground grits instead. With this easy recipe, you won’t have to stand over the stove, stirring forever. Your slow-cooker does all the hard work for you. RECIPE

Potato-Crusted Pizza

No yeast? No problem. The crust of this kid-friendly pizza is made with frozen potato rounds. We bet it would work just as well with tater tots if that’s all you’ve got in the freezer. And if you don’t have fresh basil, you can substitute it with a teaspoon or two of dried. This is a simple, five-ingredient recipe that you’ll likely put into your standard, weekly meal rotation. RECIPE

Baked Chicken and Rice With Black Beans

Grab that package of yellow-rice mix that’s been kicking around in the back of your pantry. That, along with a can of black beans, a can of diced tomatoes, some chicken, cheese, and some veggies, make for a healthy, highly-rated, one-dish meal. RECIPE 

Meatball Stew

This wholesome, stick-to-your-ribs dish is a cinch to make. It uses frozen vegetables, frozen meatballs, and a few other simple pantry items like potatoes, onions, tomato sauce, and beef broth. The prep time is only five minutes, and cook time is only 20 — which means you’ll have dinner on the table in half-an-hour or less. That’s a win. RECIPE

Creamy Buffalo Chicken

This yummy recipe only requires chicken, wing sauce, and a block of cream cheese. It’s versatile because you can make it in either a slow cooker or an electric pressure cooker (like an Instant Pot.) Either way, the results are a delicious topping for almost anything you’ve got on hand — rice, noodles, cooked vegetables, a salad, crackers, or tortilla chips are all good. RECIPE

Slow Cooker Peach Cobbler

Don’t forget about dessert. The only ingredients you need for this one are two cans of peaches, a stick of butter, and a box of cake mix. Yes, it’s a bit of a dump dessert, but a delicious one at that. Let your crockpot do the cooking for you while you tend to other, more important things. Bonus if you have vanilla ice cream in the freezer, as it will be the perfect accompaniment with this warm dessert. RECIPE

We hope that everyone is holding up well during this unique situation. Perhaps making some of these recipes will help you and your family to feel even better. We’re confident that we’ll pull through this challenge together and look forward to living a much more normal “HarborClubLife” soon.