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Fall Golf: Play Better in Changing Conditions

Thursday, Oct 15, 2020  |  admin  |  Golf


With the gorgeous season of fall now in full swing, we’re seeing a lot of people swinging their clubs on our award-winning golf course. It’s no surprise, as it’s a fantastic time of year to play at Harbor Club — in fact, many believe it’s the best. The weather is cooler, and the leaves are changing into stunning hues. But, with changing weather comes changing course conditions.

Here’s what you can anticipate, along with thoughts and tips on how to make your fall golf game better than ever at Harbor Club.

Ditch the disruption of overseeding

Primarily a cosmetic process to keep golf courses green, many overseed their warm-season grass with cold-season grass. Most courses close during the overseeding process — one that often includes aeration, verticutting, scalping, and more. It creates a significant disruption for players.

Harbor Club’s take: While we do plan to overseed our driving range tee in early October, we do not overseed playing surfaces in autumn. Instead, we’ll use turf colorants (later in the season) to enhance the course’s visibility. That attractive color lasts into the winter months. 

The advantage: Harbor Club golfers don’t have to deal with the disruptions and course closures that overseeding requires at other courses. They can enjoy the fresh air, beautiful weather, and colorful foliage from fall right into winter. 

Bentgrass greens are at their best

Bentgrass is a popular type of cool-season grass used on golf courses. It’s the preferred turf where true ball roll is the priority for the surface.

Harbor Club’s take: We’re proud to say that our greens are bentgrass — and what’s more, they are at their finest in the fall. Here in Georgia, bentgrass thrives in the cooler weather from October through May.

The advantage: If you like a firm, smooth, and quick playing surface, then fall is the perfect time to play Harbor Club. Plus, if the turf is wet, it will make your ball roll farther down the fairways and greens after it lands. It’s a bonus that can boost your score. 

Fall foliage – friend or foe?

Seeing the leaves change from the lush greens of summer to the bright golds, oranges, and reds of autumn is nothing short of breathtaking. But as lovely as it is in early fall, it’s not so great to deal with leaf debris on the ground later in the season. 

Harbor Club’s take: We’ve got a lot of deciduous trees on the property, which makes for a beautifully scenic fall round. Early fall is a better time to play, as November and December are the peak months of leaf/debris clean-up on our course.

The advantage: Play in early fall, and you won’t have to deal with as much leaf debris. Even better, golf rules are slightly relaxed during autumn. For most players, it’s OK to play the “leaf rule.” If your ball has disappeared in the leaf-strewn rough, take a one-stroke penalty and drop another ball. Relaxed rules like this one mean less stress, quicker play, and more fun for everyone. 

No matter the time of year, our Golf Course Superintendent, Jeff Miller, and his team do a fantastic job keeping our course in tip-top shape. While fall is one of the best times to enjoy a round at Harbor Club, our temperate climate gives you the unique ability to play almost any day of the year. Why not give it a shot? (Pun intended.) Book your tee time today