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Find Golf Clubs that Fit You Best

Friday, Mar 20, 2020  |  admin  |  Golf


We recently held an exclusive TaylorMade golf club fitting experience for our Harbor Club members. During the fitting, certified TaylorMade fitters processed complex fitting data using state-of-the-art launch monitors to determine what club, shaft, and spec modifications to recommend to each golfer. This particular process is the same used by professional golfers.

But what if you want simpler ways to find golf clubs that fit you best? Try some of these tips on for size:

1) Know your true height

Bodies are changing all the time. Depending on your age, some people grow taller, and some get a little shorter. No matter how old you are, it’s a good idea to get a recent height measurement. Armed with that information, you’ll be able to get the proper angle for your clubs. Why? Because clubs are matched to your height as well as the distance between the ground and your hands. To get an accurate measurement, stand up very straight and have another person get your height measurement, from the top of your head to where your feet hit the floor.

2) Determine your wrist-floor length

As mentioned above, you’ll also need to find the distance between the ground and your hands — more specifically, your wrists. To get this measurement, you’ll need to (once again) stand up straight, and let your arms hang loosely at your sides. Have a friend measure the distance between the ground and the top of your wrist. 

3) Head to a pro shop or store

Once you have both your accurate height and wrist-floor length measurements, a golf pro will have the basics they need to determine which standard size clubs should work best for you. Once chosen, they will typically want to watch you swing each club. Each one, from the wedge to the driver, is going to be different for men and women, and each will have varying standard lengths. To get the proper setup, you’ll need to be fit for every club.

4) Share your handicap

Another helpful piece of information is to let the pro know your handicap. If you don’t know what your handicap is, that’s ok. Do your best to describe your skill level to the pro, and they should have enough information to match you with the right clubs. And if you think you’re not good enough at golf to bother investing in custom clubs, think again. Those with higher handicaps have the most to gain from ones that fit you properly.

Are you ready to enhance your golf game with better fitting clubs? Stop by the pro shop where our experts are happy to help. They can do all of the above, plus get you on the range to hit balls, use a lie board and a launch monitor, and try different options — all to determine which clubs work best specifically for you. Of course, you can always book a tee time here at Harbor Club and give those new clubs a try. Go ahead — you’ll be glad you did.