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Why They Walk

Friday, Dec 8, 2017  |  admin  |  Latest News


Did you see the November/December issue of Golf Georgia? We’re excited that Harbor Club was mentioned — and better yet, that one of our members, Ricky Knowles, was highlighted in the article, “Why They Walk.”

As you might have guessed, “Why They Walk” is about walking 18 holes as opposed to riding a cart on the course. Several people, besides Ricky, were featured in the article — young and old, male and female, fit or not. They all gave compelling reasons as to why they choose to walk the course over riding in a golf cart. Here are their primary motivators:

To boost fitness

There’s no doubt; walking does the body good. When he’s not walking the course, Jo Stegall walks four to six miles a day. Walking the course (with his bag, mind you) is an integral part of his fitness routine. He’s doing all he can to avoid heart disease, and the possibility of a heart attack like his dad had. Ann Faulkner, who plays golf three times a week, always walks and carries her bag too. It sounds daunting, but she reminds us that only two to three miles are covered in four hours of play. Then, of course, there is our own Ricky Knowles, who walks two games of golf at Harbor Club every week. It was challenging for him at first, but now his legs are in great shape, and he’s no longer winded. He proudly states, “I get a kind of high after a round from the physical exertion. It feels great!” Playing golf certainly has a lot of health benefits.

To gain competitive concentration

It’s simple for Cecil Calhoun. He says that “It’s distracting to ride.” He goes on to say that with all the time it takes to walk to the cart, ride to your partner’s ball, then consider his shot, you could’ve been walking to and considering your next shot. To back that up, Jo Stegall mentions that walking “sharpens your mental acuity” and keeps your “focus on the game.” What’s more, Dr. Andrew Koliani says walking helps him to “forget bad shots.” That’s certainly a nice trade off.

To better connect with nature

When you walk the course, you are invariably closer to nature. Jim Harrison mentions how nice it is to see hawks and deer during his jaunts. That more intimate connection with nature brings peace as well as a heightened awareness of the natural environment that surrounds you. Just think of all the beautiful things you’d see at Harbor Club’s course. Not only the deer, birds, and other forest animals, but with our course right on Lake Oconee, you’d also get to experience charming herons, turtles, frogs, fish and more.

Why not come check out Harbor Club’s award-winning golf course for yourself? Walk it, and you’ll get even more benefits out of the experience. Book a tee time today.