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5 Reasons to Play Golf on Saturdays at Harbor Club on Lake Oconee

Monday, Oct 23, 2017  |  admin  |  Latest News


As if you need more reasons to play the beloved game of golf! Nonetheless, we’ve gone ahead and put together the top five reasons why Saturdays are an excellent time to play at Harbor Club on Lake Oconee.

1 – You have a larger pool of of available players

Fewer people are working on Saturdays, which means there are more people available to play. Whether it be your significant other, a few colleagues, friends, or even your kids, the likelihood that they will be at work or school is much less on a Saturday.

2 – You can play golf in the AM, then watch the game in the PM

Make a day of it! You’ll have a great time playing golf with your friends in the morning or early afternoon, then continue the fun by watching the game later on in the day. The Clubhouse Restaurant makes it easy and convenient to enjoy a nice meal and some thirst-quenching beverages while doing so. Better yet, you’ll likely make some new-found friends with those already there watching and cheering on their team.

3 – The weather is great

Living in Georgia has its benefits. The fall and winter months here offers fantastic weather. During this time of year, you’ll find many days when it’s not too hot nor is it too cold to play. The bonus for playing in autumn? You’ll see views of beautiful fall foliage that you wouldn’t usually see unless you were on the course.

4 – You can offset holiday binging

There are a bunch of holidays coming up — Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are the top three that come to mind. All three means you’ll be enjoying a lot of parties, family gatherings, and other holiday events …and with those comes lots of indulging! Get off the couch and offset some of those increased calories by playing a round or two. As per reason one above, you’ll easily find friends who’ll play!

5 – You can entertain your out-of-town guests

As per the above mentioned holidays, you’re likely going to have some out-of-town guests stay with you — usually over a long weekend. If you’re wondering how to banish the chance of boredom, schedule a couple of tee times. No matter the age or level of expertise, everyone has a great time playing golf together.

Bonus reason – You can save money with “Buy-It-Now Daily Deals”

Now that we’ve convinced you that Saturdays are a great time to play golf at Harbor Club, you can save yourself some money by booking a tee time in advance. Look for and take advantage of the special “Buy-It-Now Daily Deals” before someone else snatches them up. Secure your tee time and book today!