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laurie rimes standing in front of harbor club signage

Happy 25-Year Work Anniversary to Laurie Rimes

Tuesday, Sep 27, 2022  |  admin  |  Latest News

How many people have worked for the same employer for 25 years? It’s certainly a rarity – but not at Harbor Club. Laurie Rimes, who began her career at Harbor Club on August 27, 1997, recently achieved that exemplary service milestone. Those that know Laurie understand what a diligent, dedicated, and sincere asset she is to our team, and we couldn’t imagine our workplace without her.

Considering that she’s been with the Harbor Club family for so long, we sat down to learn more about her, how she got her start at Harbor Club, the various roles she’s held, and more.

Laurie Rimes was born and raised in nearby Greene County, and today, she lives only 10 minutes away from Harbor Club – which makes for an excellent commute. Her work career began in her teens, as she did various service-type summer jobs helping her mom at a local diner and veterinary clinic. Then, after getting her driver’s license, she babysat for two children during her junior and senior years of high school. These seemingly minor roles helped Laurie gain responsibility and an excellent work ethic. 

When she wasn’t working, Laurie was an avid softball player. She even played outside the high school team, doing travel softball, where you travel to towns farther away to compete at a higher level.

After graduating from Nathanael Greene Academy in 1997, Laurie married her high school sweetheart, Adrian, in 1998. They are happily married to this day and enjoy spoiling their two sweet Shih Tzus, Mya and Trixy.

When she was younger, Laurie always admired the golf course communities in the Lake Oconee area, and she knew she wanted to work for one. That appeal stemmed from her love of sports and the opportunity to meet more people aligned with her interests (not to mention a celebrity or two, of which she’s met plenty.) Of course, it helped that the golf courses were gorgeous too. Soon, she discovered a beverage cart job opening at Harbor Club. Seeing what an asset she was, Harbor Club hired her immediately, and she happily handled that position for two years. Later, she helped out in the Clubhouse Restaurant as a server, a role that lasted for about three years. Then, one day, the head golf pro at the time approached her about working in the Pro Shop as a Shop Attendant. She gave it a go, enthusiastically helping golfers however she could — mostly ringing them in and scheduling tee times. She loved the work and found herself in that position for a decade. But then she was offered an opportunity to take on two roles in the Harbor Club office – one in Accounts Receivable and the other as an Administrative Assistant. These positions carried a lot of responsibility, but she took on both and did well. Over time, the workload expanded, and another colleague now takes care of the administrative side of the business. Laurie continues to handle everything in Accounts Receivable – a role that she’s enjoyed for the past 17 years.

Laurie’s favorite part of her job is interacting with Harbor Club members and property owners. She loves befriending and meeting new people at our Southern Living Inspired Community. Since she’s also a fellow dog lover, she appreciates chatting with members and patting their pups – usually as they pass by her office on the way to the Dog Park. She’s proud to be friends with several Harbor Club residents for her entire 25-year tenure. She especially appreciates it when people take a moment to stop by her office and visit for a bit. 

While Laurie finds her interactions with people at Harbor Club to be one of the most rewarding parts of her job, she says that working for the Matney family is even more gratifying. Brandon and his dad have treated her well over the years, and she’s very thankful.

Outside her work at Harbor Club, Laurie loves spending time with her husband – usually playing with their dogs, watching Netflix shows, or riding their side-by-side in the beautiful countryside near their home. Laurie admitted that she’s actually “the worst cook ever,” so her husband does all the cooking while she gladly handles all the clean-up. 

Whether she’s clearing the table at home or clearing a ‘balance due’ at work, Laurie is an exceptional lady. She’s someone whose dedication, work ethic, and kindness are a constant source of motivation and inspiration. Over the past 25 years, her contributions have helped make Harbor Club the success it is today. We’re fortunate to have her on our team and look forward to many more years together. If you see Laurie, please take a moment to congratulate her on her milestone work anniversary. It’s a remarkable accomplishment, and we’re excited to see her prosperity continue well into the future. Cheers to 25 years, Laurie!