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Tips for Sticking to Healthy Resolutions

Thursday, Jan 23, 2020  |  admin  |  At Home


Are you struggling to stick to your New Year’s health and fitness resolutions? You’re not the only one. According to U.S. News & World Report, the failure rate for all New Year’s resolutions is around 80 percent. It doesn’t have to be that way, especially here at Harbor Club. Here are helpful tips on how to finally stick to your healthy resolutions once and for all.

Start with smaller goals

Instant gratification is the norm in today’s world. But when it comes to things like quickly dropping a lot of weight or becoming a marathon runner, they aren’t going to happen overnight. Try breaking down your bigger goals into smaller ones so that you can more easily achieve them. It’s slow, but steady progress and just as rewarding if you can practice a bit of patience. 

Include a workout buddy

You don’t have to go it alone when trying to achieve your health and fitness goals. Include a workout buddy to help keep you both accountable. When you work out with friends, you’ll not only have someone to socialize with; you likely encourage each other to keep going and applaud the efforts made.

Make it fun

If you know you dislike running, don’t try to force yourself into doing it. Identify fitness activities that you enjoy and focus on those instead. Better yet, try intriguing new exercise regimens to see if any spark your interest. You never know until you try — and you may discover an exciting, new sport that you love. Gamifying your fitness goals, either via online apps or with your workout buddy, are other fun tactics. A small, friendly wager can inspire a lot of gleeful banter filled with good-natured jeers and cheers — both of which fuel encouragement too.

If you need some fitness ideas, here are a few to try: 

Go for a walk or run

There are many options for enjoying a heart-pumping walk or run at Harbor Club. Try the quarter-mile track, the hiking trail, the Fit-Trail®, or hop on a state-of-the-art treadmill at The Grove. And with over 25-miles of well-maintained roads in our gated community, it’s easy to go for a quick walk or run in the neighborhood whenever it’s convenient for you.

Take a fitness class

We’ve got plenty of classes available at our Fitness Center — why not try one, or even a few? There are options for yoga, Zumba, Jazzercise, barre, core, and stretch. Bring along a friend for twice the fun. Men’s Golf Yoga Conditioning, for example, might be less intimidating if you bring your workout buddy. (Note: You’ll happily discover that this particular class isn’t threatening at all.)

Play golf

Our highly popular, award-winning, Weiskopf/Morrish-designed golf course is sure to delight anyone who loves to swing a club. Grab your workout buddy (or friends, family, colleagues, etc.) and up your fitness game by walking the course. Its varied terrain will provide an incredible workout while having a great time.

Play pickleball or tennis

With both tennis and several new pickleball courts, we have plenty of ways to help you get your racket swinging. Aside from playing either sport at your leisure, we offer scheduled clinics, group play, and tournaments. We have a great group of people who make it easy to match you up to others who play at your level, from novice to experienced.

If you’re ready to embrace a healthy, new lifestyle in 2020, you’ll find it’s easy to achieve at Harbor Club. We have everything you need to hit and maintain your fitness goals this year and beyond. Get started today! 

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