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Get a Headstart on Holiday Home Decorating

Monday, Nov 30, 2020  |  admin  |  At Home


Admit it — did you put up your holiday decorations over Thanksgiving break? If so, we see absolutely nothing wrong with that. It was, after all, one of our suggestions for fun Thanksgiving ideas. But if you didn’t get a headstart on your holiday home decorating yet, now is the time to begin. No matter what holiday(s) you celebrate in December, here are some ideas to get you started:

Take stock of your stuff

Dig out your boxes of holiday decorations and sort through them. Ditch anything that’s broken or no longer working (yes, even those glitchy string lights.) Take stock of what’s left and do a little shopping for items that will enhance what you already have. Also, think about ways to highlight the focal points and beautiful architectural details throughout your home, like hearths, fireplaces, front doorways, etc.

Determine decoration location

Does your Christmas tree end up in the same spot every year? Consider trying a new location for it. Place it and your other decorations where people can enjoy them from multiple viewing points — even from outside. Also, who says you have to have just one Christmas tree? In 2020, no one would blame you for any extra festive efforts. The more, the merrier.

Outdoor decor

Speaking of outside, ensure that your outdoor decor can withstand the elements. Use lighting specific for outdoor use and pretty plastic ornaments instead of anything fragile, like glass. Wreaths and garland made from live pine boughs prefer chillier outdoor temps. Once those start shedding their needles, you’ll be glad the mess is outside rather than in.

Don’t be afraid to show off

We’re primarily talking to you, new homeowners. If you’ve got a lot of pride in place, feel free to show off this year. You’ve got a beautiful new home — so make it even better with lovely holiday lights and decorations. Everyone who passes by would love to see and experience the extra festive cheer your efforts bring. 

Think about fun colors and themes

Be creative and try fun themes and color schemes. Love golf? Decorate a small tree with golf-themed ornaments (those made with golf balls, tees, miniature clubs, etc.) If purple is your favorite color, decorate a tree in multiple shades of the hue. For the kitchen, consider a small rosemary bush trimmed to look like a Christmas tree. Decorate it with small ornaments and enjoy the plant’s piney, herbal scent now and for months to come.

Don’t stress, just start

Is it overwhelming to even think about holiday decorating? The best way to tackle it is just to start. Begin by putting up your favorite, cherished decorations. Seeing those will help motivate you to do more. And if you need extra inspiration, take a look at these great decorating ideas from our good friends at Southern Living Magazine. Being a Southern Living-Inspired Community, we certainly admire and embrace all of their holiday guidance. 

From all of us at Harbor Club, we wish you a holiday season filled with much joy, warm moments, and cherished memories.