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Holiday Trends 2018

Thursday, Dec 13, 2018  |  admin  |  At Home


Wondering what’s cool and new for this holiday season? We’ve explored some of the latest trends for 2018 and found a few that may surprise you. 

Hygge home decor

Pronounced “HOO-ga,” hygge is a Danish word that has no English translation. It’s best described as a warm and ultra-comfy lifestyle. It’s all about relaxation and togetherness with family and friends. To get your home in the spirit of hygge, think warm tones and fluffy throws, plush cushions, steaming drinks, tea-lights, copper kitchenware, candles, and weighted blankets. The whole idea is to make your home feel like a beautiful, cozy nest — much like our Southern Living-Inspired homes.

Cozy clothing

In keeping with the hygge trend, comfortable clothing is just as popular. Sherpa is huge right now. You’ll find it on everything from socks to sweatshirts. Popcorn cardigans are very trendy as well, as are cozy knits, faux fur coats and linings, and all sorts of cute pajamas for the family.

Wellness everything

Health and wellness are enormously in vogue these days …but it’s not just about workouts. It’s more about self-care, healing, detoxification, and relaxation. Currently, the most sought-after items are essential oils, shower melts, Himalayan salt lamps, meditation aids, dry brushes, daily journals, hydration jugs, soothing botanicals (like lavender, chamomile, and lemon balm,) and even aromatic play dough.

Regional comfort food

Comfort foods carry a certain nostalgia and emotion that people adore. While the food trend last year was more ethnic in nature (like poke, Korean barbeque, ramens, and curries) this year’s food trends are more regionalized, such as regional barbeque flavors, stews, fried chicken, meatloaf, and hush puppies.

Anything with buffalo plaid

It’s not just for lumberjacks anymore. Buffalo check plaid prints have made a big comeback. You’ll find it on napkins, holiday cards, table runners, stockings, wreaths, throw pillows, gift tags, pajamas, ornaments, and clothing — from socks to sweatshirts.

Zero-waste gift wrapping

Many people are steering clear of “single-use” anything to lead more sustainable lives. Instead of using single-use gift wrap this year, try swapping it out with things like scrap fabric, paper grocery bags, newspaper, and old maps. Consider making the wrap itself part of the gift by using a vintage scarf, pretty dishcloth, or a cotton produce sack. Then, instead of using tape, tie gifts with twine, leather cord, wire, or scrap fabric. Then embellish with vintage jewelry, real plants (such as a small succulent or air plant,) cinnamon sticks, or fresh herbs like a sprig of rosemary.

Experience gifts

Have you noticed? The most thoughtful gifts are becoming less tangible and more experiential. Sure, there’s a certain high that comes from unwrapping the latest, coolest thing — but that feeling is fleeting. Experience gifts, on the other hand, are ones that create memories that last a lifetime. If you’re struggling with what to get for someone, take a look at our list of fun experience gift ideas. Any are sure to wow your recipient and make you a gift-giving hero.

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