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Home Appreciation Trends: Harbor Club Homes Has Them Covered

Friday, May 12, 2017  |  admin  |  Latest News


Perhaps you’ve already seen and heard the buzz around real estate right now. The housing market is busy. People are buying and selling homes like crazy, especially here in the South where we’re currently experiencing the fastest appreciating housing markets. Not only that, Realty Biz News reports that there has been a rise in suburban homes sales.

Why? “Suburban areas [are] integrating spaces where people can live, work and play, without having to commute to the city.” Sounds a lot like Harbor Club, doesn’t it?

Whether you are interested in buying or selling a home during this bustling real estate market, you may be wondering how to get the most value out of your transaction. According to’s recent article, “Appreciation Sensation: The Real Factors That Boost Your Home’s Bottom Line,” there are several new trends that can increase a home’s worth:

Smaller homes gain value faster

Today’s home buyers want less stuff, and therefore, don’t need as much space to store it. As a result, downsizing has created an increased demand for smaller homes. With that, the inventory for smaller homes has diminished. Therefore, prices for small home prices have gone up simply due to the economic laws of supply and demand. Fortunately, Harbor Club is continuing to build several more of its popular Cottage Series homes to satisfy this growing demand.

Less bedrooms means more ROI

If your home has one to three bedrooms, then you’ll see a greater appreciation than homes that have four or more. Harbor Club has embraced this “less is more” approach. In fact, when we look at all of our new home listings and average out the number of bedrooms, it results in 3.86 bedrooms per house… a long way away from six-bedroom homes. We understand what today’s home buyers need and want.

A two-car garage is perfect

A one-car garage is good, but a two-car garage is what most people desire in today’s real estate market. Again, looking at our latest new home listings, you’ll see that every one of our homes include a two-car garage. The only exceptions are a few that include a small bay to park a golf cart.

Three home features with the most appreciation

The most desired home features are an open floor plan, a patio and hardwood floors, with appreciation rates of 7.4%, 6.8% and 5.7% respectively. If you have those in your home, you’re golden! So are our new homeowners, as we made sure to include them in all of our new homes.

Location, location, location

Nothing ever trumps location when it comes to real estate. Homes with access to public transit, good schools, shopping and a hospital are tops when it comes to appreciation. Being that we are in a suburban location an hour away from Atlanta means that we don’t have quick access to public transit. However, we make up for that with our close proximity to the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson International. Also, having one of the top rated schools in the nation, Lake Oconee Academy, right outside our gates is a huge asset, not to mention the nearby shopping and an excellent, award-winning hospital too.

Views are valuable

In order of appreciation, the views provided by a park, mountain, lake, and golf course carry the most value. Our rolling terrain with well-maintained green spaces, golf course and (of course) Lake Oconee has all of those covered. In fact, several of our homes offer wonderful combined views. By the way, we were shocked to learn that homes with ocean views have the least amount of appreciation. Perhaps this is because they are very expensive to begin with.

So, as you may have gathered, Harbor Club has already wisely embraced many of the trends that carry the most appreciation for its homes. Not only does that increase the value of the homes at Harbor Club, it increases the value of the community as a whole. The bonus? Our residents! We’re proud to have over 80% full-time homeowners in Harbor Club. They know the value of having a Harbor Club home …and we’d love to show you too. Stop by so you can see for yourself! We’ve got some fantastic new home inventory under construction. You’ll not only discover the valuable ROI in the homes we build, but in the life you can build here at Harbor Club.

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