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Junior Golf: Why Kids Should Play

Friday, May 24, 2019  |  admin  |  Golf


How many kids do you know that play golf? Of those, we’re willing to bet that those junior golfers are some of the most impressive, well-rounded young adults you know. We also believe that playing the game has something to do with their success and achievements. You may have already read our previous post about the benefits of junior golf, but here are a few more reasons why kids should play.

Teaches civility

Learning civility at a young age is an asset. The game of golf helps to teach children respect, good manners, and proper etiquette, not only on the course but in life too. It’s easy to admire a young person who cultivates, demonstrates, and values these excellent traits.

No two games are alike

Even if playing on the same course multiple times, players will discover that no two games are alike. The conditions are always changing, there are different players, new tactics are employed, and results can vary each time. Every round is as compelling as the last.

Golf mimics life

Just like in life, players experience the highest of highs, mediocrity, and the lowest of lows on the golf course. It’s a sport that gives players the ability to take advantage of new opportunities, strategize and plan next moves, learn how to be laser-focused, be humbled from mistakes, persevere, and move on. It’s good practice for junior golfers since life operates in much the same way.

Practice anywhere

One of golf’s better assets is that practice can occur almost anywhere. Of course, there is the course itself, the range, and the putting green — all the typical “go-to’s.” However, players are known for practicing putts in the living room, perfecting swings in the garage, and chipping out on the lawn, among other non-traditional places (even the office.)

Age doesn’t matter

The world’s oldest golfer is over 100 years old. Tiger Woods started playing at the young age of two. Golf is a fantastically rare sport that connects multiple age generations. Young or old, it’s a game where all players can enjoy the company (and the examples) of others.

Different ways to play

Don’t want to play 18 holes? There’s nothing wrong with playing less. Also, a player can join a team or play as an individual. Formats can be Texas-scramble, foursomes, Ryder Cup, match play — there are tons of possibilities. With so many different ways to play, every round has the ability to be unique and more interesting than the last.

The earlier your kids start, the better

There are lots of advantages for playing golf at a young age. What’s more, if a child discovers they love the sport, it could lead to a college scholarship. Some may end up finding their life’s passion with a long-lasting professional career (much longer than that of a pro football player, for example.) Starting at a young age means the child can cultivate the skills necessary to play a superior game. As a result, they’ll gain pride, gratification, and most of all, confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Do you have questions on how to get your children started with golf? We’re happy to help with lessons, junior golf camp, and more. Give our pro shop a call today at (706) 453-4414.