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Lake Living in the Off Season – Harbor Club Style

Wednesday, Oct 12, 2016  |  admin  |  Latest News


When most people think of “Lake Life” they often think of summertime fun — being outdoors and enjoying all the great things the lake has to offer during the warmest part of the year. It’s a time to enjoy swimming, boating, water skiing, paddle boarding and so much more. But what’s it like to live the “Lake Life” during the off season? We’re here to tell you that Lake Oconee can be just as enjoyable in the fall and winter months as it can be during the spring and summer. Sure, it’s different, but different in a good way.

Here are some of the joys of lake living in the off season: 


There are so many reasons to gather around and enjoy company at the lake in the fall and winter. From Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year’s to Valentine’s Day, and everything in between, it’s an incredibly festive time of year to get together with friends and family. The camaraderie and cooler weather are a perfect combination for entertaining. The added bonus? The majority of people who live at Harbor Club on Lake Oconee are full-time residents (over 80%). Who wants to live in a ghost town community, especially in the off-season! At Harbor Club, there are always fun-loving residents and enjoyable events and activities, no matter the time of year.


The lake makes an incredibly gorgeous backdrop for all those festivities mentioned above. It’s beautiful in the off-season. There is less boat-traffic and therefore, a peacefulness about it. Also, the sun is lower in the fall and winter months, which casts a gorgeous, golden light. It creates pretty, long shadows in the afternoon that you don’t see in the spring or summer. Combined with the fall foliage, this backdrop makes for a very special, pleasing view of the lake. That ever-changing beauty is quite the sight, no matter your vantage point.

Outdoor Activities

Being in the southeast, the fall and winter months present us with gorgeous weather compared to our neighbors in the north. As a result, we can enjoy Lake Oconee at a time when most people in the north are digging themselves out of snow. Lucky for us, our award-winning golf course touches the shoreline of Lake Oconee six times and is stunning to see, even in the off-season. Our temperate climate allows us the ability to go <href=”#boathouse”>boating and fishing in the late fall and early winter too. Walks and hikes in the autumn are stunning as well, especially with the fall foliage.

Cool weather calm

The off-season can also bring tranquil calmness to the lake. At the shoreline, it’s easy to enjoy the lovely peace and quiet. The serenity offers a unique, special time for reading, writing, reflecting or simply meditating. It makes for a pleasant experience for those who want to indulge in a bit of heart-warming solitude.

Want to experience lake living in the off season for yourself? Make plans now to come visit us! You’ll see just how special it is to live the Harbor Club Life.