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Lake Oconee: How to Have a Perfect Lake Day

Wednesday, Aug 17, 2022  |  admin  |  Lake Living


We are lucky to live at Lake Oconee, where the possibilities for on-the-water fun are plentiful. Everyone knows that “lake life” is the best life. So, to help you experience a perfect lake day, we’ve put together a list of ideas to make it both memorable and fun.

Seek a sunrise

Especially if you’re a morning person, be sure to see the sunrise over Lake Oconee. Depending on clouds and weather conditions, sunrise can be rather dramatic. Plus, the water is often calm, and it’s generally a quiet time to enjoy a unique perspective of the lake. The bonus? You may spot some fascinating wildlife in those early morning hours.

Bob around in a boat

Boat rides on Lake Oconee are a ton of fun, especially when done with proper boat safety in mind. If you need help getting your boat in or out of the water or require more fuel, head to The Boathouse Marina. Our dockhands are ready to assist. Once you’re out in the open water, consider giving tubing a try. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget. 

Set yourself up for a swim

Whether from your boat or a lakeside dock, take a dip in the water to enjoy a refreshing swim. If you’re not into exerting yourself much, keep a few floaties or pool noodles handy. That way, it’s easy to relax in the water. Also, bring a waterproof, portable speaker to listen to your favorite tunes. And don’t forget a hat and sunscreen, as the sun can be surprisingly intense in the south.

Experience Jumping Rock

If you’re feeling adventurous, take your boat over to Jumping Rock. Leaping into the water off this gigantic boulder is a right of passage for those living in Georgia’s Lake Country. It’s a fantastic experience for the whole family. And while it’s somewhat of a hidden gem on the lake, here’s how you can easily find Jumping Rock (and The Sandbar.) 

Pack a picnic

With all these energetic lake activities on or by the water, be sure to pack yummy snacks and beverages or even a picnic lunch in a cooler. And if it’s a summer weekend, it’s easy to enjoy a great meal from The Boathouse Restaurant. Call ahead and get your food to go, or feel free to dine indoors with cool AC or outside by the picturesque waterfront. The lake views are beautiful from both spots. 

Relax with no regrets

You can still experience “lake life” without participating in exuberant lake activities. Set up a hammock near the water and take a nap. Relax in one of the Adirondack chairs at The Boathouse and read your favorite book. Dangle your feet in the water from the dock. Spot sunning turtles while quietly canoeing near the shoreline. The lake can be a lovely place to enjoy peace and solitude.

Savor a sunset on the lake

Everyone loves a beautiful sunset, especially on Lake Oconee. But don’t leave after the sun dips below the horizon – the show is just beginning! It’s typically when the best colors start to reveal themselves. Also, look behind you as there are often some spectacular colors in the east. The atmospheric rainbow-like phenomenon is called “The Belt of Venus.” When it occurs, it makes sunsets on the lake twice as nice.

Curious to learn more about Lake Oconee? If you’re considering making “lake life” a permanent part of your life, visit us at Harbor Club. We’d be happy to show you around our highly-acclaimed Southern Living-Inspired Community. Here, you and your family can enjoy Lake Oconee (and much more) all year round. So don’t wait – contact us today. We look forward to seeing you soon.