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Lake Oconee: Your FAQs Answered

Tuesday, May 10, 2022  |  admin  |  Lake Living


If you Google the words “Lake Oconee,” you’ll discover several noteworthy items in the results, including some frequently asked questions. The top FAQ is, “Are there alligators in Lake Oconee?” The answer to that may or may not surprise you. But don’t worry – we’ve answered it and other questions for you. Read on to learn more about this unique reservoir in Georgia. 

Are there alligators in Lake Oconee?

While it’s not unheard of, alligators are rarely seen in and around Lake Oconee. There have been a few alligator sightings in the Oconee River, which is the main waterway that flows into Lake Oconee. However, most alligator habitats are located below Georgia’s Fall Line, which runs south of the lake.

What is Lake Oconee known for?

Lake Oconee is best known for its fantastic boating, water sports, swimming, and fishing. But it’s also a haven for rest and relaxation. Georgia’s Lake Country is often touted as a premier golf destination too. These attributes make it a popular destination for those interested in retiring or relocating to the Southeast.

Is Lake Oconee a clean lake?

Lake Oconee is a clean, man-made lake. It was created in 1979 when Georgia Power Company built Wallace Dam. To this day. Georgia Power maintains routine water quality monitoring that includes parameters for nutrients, oxygen pH, temperature, turbidity, alkalinity, and more. The results consistently show good water quality conditions throughout. Lake Oconee is clean because it was formed by the Oconee and Apalachee Rivers, neither of which run through industrial-based cities. Plus, Georgia Power owns an environmental corridor around the lake where no building (including septic) is allowed. Moreover, boats that are enclosed or equipped with toilets aren’t permitted on the lake, helping to keep the lake clean for all to enjoy.

Can you swim in Lake Oconee? 

Yes, you certainly can enjoy a refreshing swim in Lake Oconee. It’s clean and safe to take a dip. Even better, our location at Harbor Club is on one of the most pristine parts of the lake, fed by Richland Creek. But many like to take the boat out and go for a swim, with favorite destinations being Jumping Rock and The Sandbar

What is the deepest part of Lake Oconee?

While Lake Oconee is 225 feet at its deepest point, the lake’s average depth is only 21 feet. Also, the water level doesn’t fluctuate much – only around six inches to one foot per day. The lake level depends on both rainfall and power demand. Wallace Dam is a hydroelectric dam, so Georgia Power typically starts slowly lowering the water in the afternoon, then at night, the turbines are reversed to pump water back in. Georgia Power strives to keep its lakes as close to full pool as possible and provides a site to check the daily lake levels.

How big is Lake Oconee?

Lake Oconee is one of two large lakes in Georgia’s Lake Country, the other being Lake Sinclair. Lake Oconee is just under 20 miles long with an area of almost 30 square miles. It covers 19,000 acres and has 374 miles of shoreline.

Where is Lake Oconee?

Lake Oconee is in central Georgia, about an hour-and-a-half drive east of Atlanta. More specifically, it’s located between our charming hometown of Greensboro and Eatonton. It’s part of Georgia’s Lake Country, which includes Lake Sinclair, just a bit further south. Georgia’s Lake Country is a popular destination known for its lake living, outdoor adventures, and charming, historic small towns.

Curious to learn more about Lake Oconee? If you’re interested in making “lake life” a permanent part of your life, visit us at Harbor Club. We’d be happy to show you around our award-winning Southern Living-Inspired Community, where you and your family can enjoy Lake Oconee (and more) all year round. We look forward to seeing you soon.