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Love Sports and Fitness? Harbor Club Has You Covered

Thursday, Apr 6, 2017  |  admin  |  Latest News


Do you know the secret about getting in shape? It’s really not a secret at all. The “secret” is to discover a sport that makes fitness fun. When you find your favorite sport(s), you’ll soon realize that being fit can seem effortless. As your activity increases, you’ll form new healthy habits that result in a lifestyle change as well as boosts your quality of life. No matter which sport you love, Harbor Club has you covered. 

sports and fitness

Walk, run or jog

If you’re into any walking, jogging, or running, Harbor Club is a fantastic place to do all three. Believe it or not, Duke University Medical Center discovered that a brisk 30-minute walk or jog around a track three times a week worked just as well as antidepressant medication for those who are middle-aged or elderly. Our new quarter-mile track at The Grove provides the perfect, level surface for getting in that all-important, mood-boosting cardio. It’s also an ideal place to do sprints or intervals of walking and running. If you prefer a more natural environment, we also have pleasant wooded trails that provide a tranquil setting to exercise, not to mention over 25 miles of well-maintained roads for a simple stroll. At Harbor Club, it’s easy to go for a walk or run every day — and reap all the awesome health benefits that come with it.

Play field sports

Do you love soccer, football, whiffle ball, Frisbee or any other sports that requires a level, manicured, grassy field to play on? Our new, carefully-graded sports field at The Grove offers a fun, safe place to engage in any number of field sports that require wide open spaces to play.

Take a hike

Our new Grove facility provides hikers with two new, fantastic trails. One is a mile-long, manicured and mulched hiking trail. If you want to add some additional fitness benefits to your hike, we also offer a new Fit-Trail®, which includes 10 fitness stations for stretching, bending and strength training.

Play a round – or two – of golf

Our highly popular, award-winning, Weiskopf-Morrish designed golf course is sure to delight anyone who loves to swing a club. Up your fitness game by walking our magnificent course, which has a spectacular, varied terrain which skirts Lake Oconee nine times.

Swim at Lake Oconee

If you love to swim, we have a couple of excellent options. We offer a crystal-clear, Junior-sized Olympic pool, which is a fantastic place to do laps. Also, you also have access to Georgia’s largest second lake, Lake Oconee, to swim to your heart’s content (and health)!

Bust a move

Dancing is an awesome form of exercise and Harbor Club offers plenty of options to shake a leg in our new fitness studio! If you are more into the ballet side of things, we offer a barre class that would be right up your alley. Those who like to shimmy a bit more can take advantage of our heart-pumping Zumba classes. Don’t forget about our scheduled social dances and outdoor concerts for additional ways to get your groove on!

Try a new watersport

There are other ways to get around Lake Oconee besides a motorboat. The lake provides an excellent place to row, kayak, stand-up paddleboard, sail, canoe, and of course, go fishing! <href=”#boathouse”>The Boathouse Marina provides every resident of Harbor Club with access to the lake, making it easy to get your vessel in and out of the water at any time of year.

Stretch your muscles

Love yoga? It’s a sport that continues to gain popularity, and Harbor Club offers fantastic classes for both men and women at The Grove. We even have a men’s class that will help improve your golf game!

Make a “racket”

With both tennis and pickleball courts, we have plenty of ways to help you get your racket swinging. Aside from playing either game at your leisure, we offer scheduled clinics, group play and tournaments so you can engage with others who match your level, from novice to experienced.

So if you are ready to see how fitness can be a truly fun endeavor, come visit Harbor Club! We’d be happy to take you and your family on a personalized tour to show you all of our sports and fitness facilities, not to mention the grounds, lake and everything else that makes Harbor Club so special. Give us a call today.