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Harbor Club Memberships: Meet Kristin Grebel

Tuesday, Mar 16, 2021  |  admin  |  Latest News

Does the name Kristin Grebel sound familiar? It might if you lived at Harbor Club back in 2017. Back then (and for almost a year), Kristin successfully handled many creative and administrative tasks for us. Today we’re pleased to welcome her back to the Harbor Club team. She’s now in charge of membership sales, and we think you’ll find she’s a perfect fit for the position. We recently sat down with Kristin to get to know a little more about her, what she loves most about Harbor Club, and more.

Tell us about your professional background

I first came to Harbor Club back in 2017 as an administrative assistant. I helped with several projects, including those around the new Southern Living-Inspired Homes, promoting Patriot Builders, helping with events, and more. It was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed the people and the work, but my position wasn’t permanent at the time. I moved to Jacksonville, Florida later in 2017 because I landed a great, full-time job as an events coordinator. Then in 2020, I switched gears and moved to Savannah for a position in property management. In early 2021, Harbor Club contacted me about the open membership sales position, and I jumped at the opportunity. It honestly felt like I was coming home. (I actually currently live in Harbor Club right now.) My first official day was February 8, and it’s been fantastic. I’m so grateful to the management team for thinking of me and for the warm welcome I received. 

What have you found to be most rewarding about working at Harbor Club?

I love the people here. Several of them remember me from when I worked here in 2017! It’s a heartwarming feeling. I’m a people-person. I love serving people and making a positive impact on their lives. I admire that our work team has that same mindset. 

Have you discovered a favorite part of your job?

My favorite part so far is celebrating life’s significant milestones with people. Some have moved across the country to live here, some are welcoming new babies or grandbabies into their lives, some are moving into their first home, and some are finally enjoying retirement and living life to the fullest. Whatever the achievement or event, it’s wonderful to bear witness to it and celebrate together. 

Considering your new position at Harbor Club, what do you feel is the main benefit of being a club member here?

It’s hard to describe, but being the ‘plant person’ that I am, I would say the most significant benefit is the ability to cultivate and grow relationships. A Harbor Club membership helps people meet their neighbors and build strong networks of friends. With all the activities and events, it’s a great way to enjoy experiences and create wonderful memories together. To give you a good example, we recently had a rehearsal dinner for a wedding here, and the mother of the groom said that her neighbors on her street graciously opened up their homes to house the wedding party guests. Having members of the wedding party so close made everything easier, safer, more convenient, and comfortable for all. It was all because of the close-knit relationships built from being members of the club.

Out of all the activities available at Harbor Club, which one is your favorite and why?

Right now, my favorite is the Dog Park at The Grove. I’m lucky — I get to look out my office window and see people and pups having a ton of fun together, and I don’t even have a dog! For myself, though, I enjoy the Fit-Trail®, which is also located at The Grove. Sometimes I walk the trail because it’s so relaxing.

What is your favorite Harbor Club event?

When I worked here back in 2017, I started The Great Golden Egg Hunt. It was a big success, and I’m happy to bring it back this year. It’ll be in the same format as before, where I’ll email clues and people search for the golden egg based on solving the riddles in the email. We’ll hide the golden eggs on Harbor Club property, and there will be prizes and drawings for the winners. It’s an exciting, safe activity that gets people outside. Some might even discover parts of Harbor Club that they’ve not been to before. 

You’ve mentioned that you currently live at Harbor Club. What’s your favorite part about living here?

I love how peaceful it is. I never feel stressed. I also love that everyone is so friendly — that they always smile and wave to you when passing by. I’ve not experienced that when I lived anywhere else. At Harbor Club, you get real, genuine Southern hospitality. 

When not working, what do you like to do for fun? Are there any hobbies you enjoy?

Believe it or not, I have my great-grandmother’s aloe and Christmas cactus plants. I take great pride in keeping these beloved antique plants alive, healthy, and well. It’s amazing to think that they’ve survived for three generations. Other hobbies I enjoy are reading, attending live music events, and crafting. 

Care to share an exciting, fun fact about yourself?

[Kristin laughs] Yes, back in 2017, my friend Justin Peacock and I participated in “Dancing With the Lake Oconee Stars.” It was a competition that helped raise money for the First Call Pregnancy Center. The winners received real mirror ball trophies similar to the ones awarded on Dancing With the Stars! Justin and I had come up with a great dance routine. We wore matching pleather pants and (crafty me) sewed sequins on my shirt, ombré-style. The event was so much fun, and even better, Justin and I won the Judge’s Choice award! It was a fantastic experience — one I’ll never forget.

For us, it was a fantastic experience to learn more about Kristin. She’s a friendly, caring person who goes above and beyond to lend a hand to anyone that needs it. She’s thrilled and excited to help people learn more about the Harbor Club Life. If you’ve ever had questions or wondered what it would be like to have a membership, send her a note. You’ll likely be enjoying golf and our other fantastic amenities in no time. And if nothing else, you’ll have made a great friend. She looks forward to hearing from you soon.