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Meet Mika Mills, Harbor Club Membership Director

Thursday, Feb 6, 2020  |  admin  |  Golf


If you’re a member or resident of Harbor Club on Lake Oconee, you’ve undoubtedly interacted with our friendly Membership Director, Mika Mills. Always smiling and happy to lend a hand, Mika is a joy to work with. She’s a valuable member of not only our Harbor Club team but our community too.You see, Mika not only works here, but she also lives here — which is a great testament to our exclusive ‘work, live, and play’ lifestyle that we’ve built here.

Recently, we sat down with Mika to learn how she came to Harbor Club, what she loves most about her work, and more. 

What do you do at Harbor Club, and how long have you worked here?

My official title is Membership Sales and Events Director, but many know me simply as the Membership Director. I’ve been working in this position at Harbor Club for almost five years now. 

What do you find most rewarding about your work at Harbor Club?

There are several that come to mind. But what I find most rewarding is introducing new residents to Harbor Club members, then seeing those introductions bloom into life-long friendships. It’s terrific seeing everyone socialize and have a great time together. 

What’s your favorite part of your job?

I love getting to know people. I enjoy meeting many of the folks that stop by to visit Harbor Club. It’s fun to find out where they are from and how they heard about Lake Oconee. People come from all over the place!

Considering your position at Harbor Club, what do you feel is the main benefit of being a member here?

There are so many benefits, but if I had to pick just one, it’s overall happiness. I’ve found that the happiest people at Harbor Club are the ones who’ve joined the club here. Time and time again, they’re glad that they’ve invested in the opportunity. It’s gratifying for them to discover all of the added value they receive from our membership offerings, besides access to fantastic golf.

Out of all the sports and fitness activities available at Harbor Club, which one is your favorite and why?

I usually go for runs in and around Harbor Club to stay in shape, but I’ve discovered a love of pickleball. I had no idea that it was such a fun game to play! I can understand why the sport is growing so quickly. I’m glad Harbor Club has added some additional, new pickleball courts to accommodate the growing need. 

What is your favorite Harbor Club event?

Out of all of them, I’d say that our annual Breakfast with Santa event is my absolute favorite. It’s such a treat seeing multiple generations of families having a wonderful, memorable time together. Each year, the kids are convinced that our Santa is the real Santa!

Are there any new member events lined up for this year? 

A few years ago, we hosted an ’80s music-themed night, which was a big hit. Everyone dressed up in ’80s-styles — neon colors, big padded shoulders, huge hair, heavy makeup, and the like. The DJ played lots of hit music from that era, and we all danced for hours. We got a lot of good feedback from that event, so I’m planning to do it again this coming March. 

How long have you lived at Harbor Club, and what is your favorite part about living here?

My husband and I built our home in Harbor Club almost 15 years ago. For the first ten years after that, we only spent weekends here. We moved here full-time about five years ago and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. We love our neighbors. The people who live here are always willing to help one another. Nowhere else have we experienced such a kind, caring, and friendly group of people.

Where did you live before moving to Harbor Club? 

I grew up in Miami, Florida, and moved to Georgia after I got married in 1990. Both Georgia and the people who live here are charming. There’s genuine Southern hospitality here, and I’m thankful to call this state home.

When not working, what do you like to do for fun? Are there any hobbies you enjoy?

My husband and I are big into boating on Lake Oconee during the summer months. If you want to find us, we’ll be at what everyone jokingly calls the “Senior Sandbar.” It’s just as fun as the other renowned sandbar near Harbor Club, but a bit quieter and less crowded.

Care to share an exciting, fun fact about yourself?

While working as a bank teller in my 20s, I happened to walk up behind my co-worker, and I suddenly realized she was getting robbed. I looked at the robber with his hand in his shirt, and he looked at me. I calmly turned around and walked back to my desk and acted as if I didn’t see anything because I didn’t want him to panic. After it was over, I worked with an FBI sketch artist to come up with a composite of the guy. That sketch was on all the TV news channels, and the police caught the robber just a few weeks later!

Want to hear more of Mika’s exciting stories or get the scoop on Harbor Club membership benefits? Feel free to get in touch today.