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Men’s Core for Golf: A New Fitness Class at Harbor Club

Thursday, Jun 10, 2021  |  admin  |  Golf


You may recall our last chat with one of our most popular fitness instructors at Harbor Club, Maureen (Mo) Brower. She’s currently teaching classes on Core, Barre & Toning, and now a new one called Men’s Core For Golf.

Considering that many of our gentlemen residents and members are avid golfers, it’s the perfect fitness regimen to give their game (and themselves) a healthy boost. We recently sat down with Mo to find out more about this new fitness class and how it can give the guys an edge on the golf course…and in life. Here’s the scoop:

What prompted you to teach this class at Harbor Club, and where is it taught?

“I was approached by some of the members one day, and they asked if I would consider teaching a core class for men. I thought it was a great idea, so we made it happen. It’s taught on Monday mornings from 8-8:45 AM in the Fitness Center, located at The Grove.”

How many students currently attend the class? Are there still COVID protocols in place?

“At this time, there’s only a handful of men in attendance, which is typical of a brand new class. Once the word gets out and people start seeing the benefits, I’m certain it will become more popular. As far as COVID protocols are concerned, we’re careful about social distancing. Also, the members currently taking the class are fully vaccinated, as am I.”

Describe who would benefit most from this class and why?

“Any gentleman would benefit from taking the Men’s Core For Golf class, even if they don’t play golf. A strong core has tons of benefits. Building a strong core helps train the pelvis, abdomen, hip, and lower back muscles to work better together. The result is improved stability and balance, which is great to have on the golf course or not. In fact, most physical activities depend on a strong core. What’s more, it helps to avoid lower back pain, which is fairly common in men over the age of 40.”

What are examples of some of the exercises you conduct in class?

“We use weights, resistance bands, and resistance tubes in a wide variety of exercises. All work the core in various ways. Some of the exercises include modified planks, elevated glute bridges, oblique twists, and lateral squats. As with any good fitness class, it can be a little challenging, but it’s also fun and gratifying. And I can guarantee that class is never boring!”

What are some of the main benefits men gain from doing these exercises when it comes to golf?

“It offers several. A stronger core gives your golf swing more power, increases your driving distance, and gives you the ability to play longer and without pain. The main result is that you’ll enjoy the game even more.”

Aside from this class, can you share other quick fitness tips or tricks to help a golfer improve their game?

“It’s very typical for men to have tight hips. Loosening up the hips is essential for playing a great game of golf, so I recommend both stretching and yoga. We do several stretches in class, and I happily give advice on stretches that can be done before playing a round.”

Intrigued? All gentlemen members of Harbor Club are invited to give this new fitness class a try. And if you’re not a member of Harbor Club yet, let’s change that. Not only does it provide you with access to award-winning golf, but also a wide variety of top-notch amenities, fantastic social events, special discounts, and more. Harbor Club memberships are not just for residents of our Southern Living-Inspired Community — they’re open to all Lake Country residents. To learn more, contact us today.