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Additional Pickleball Courts Coming to Harbor Club

Tuesday, Oct 16, 2018  |  admin  |  Latest News


Pickleball. It’s such a weird name, isn’t it? For those that first hear of it, they might envision an odd-shaped ball that looks like a pickle. Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s hardly that. Pickleball is actually a fast-growing court sport that is part tennis, part ping-pong, and part badminton all rolled into one.

Whether you are young or “young at heart,” it’s a heart-pumping game that offers tremendous health benefits and, even better, is tons of fun to play. Here at Harbor Club, we installed three new pickleball courts back in the summer of 2016. The amenity has become so popular that we’ve decided to add several more pickleball courts to our Southern Living-Inspired Community.

Currently, our pickleball courts are housed at our Swim and Tennis Center, which is located in the heart of our 1600-acre community. The brand new pickleball courts, however, are going to be installed at our Grove facility. As one of our newest amenities, The Grove campus is the perfect spot to add yet another fitness-based feature to the long list of many that exist there. These include a 2000 square foot fitness center, walking trails, a quarter-mile track, a sports field, dog park, a Victory Garden, and more.

Construction began on our six new pickleball courts this past September. Even more exciting is the fact that the brand new facility includes more than just new courts. Plans show that there will also be convenient storage lockers for those that wish to safely store valuables during their workouts. What’s more, there will also be new men’s and women’s restrooms constructed at the facility. This will make wardrobe changes and bathroom breaks easy and accommodating for all players and members of Harbor Club.

Keep your fingers crossed that the weather cooperates. If that, and all else goes according to plan, the date of completion for the six new pickleball courts and surrounding facilities is estimated to be in November of this year. Once done, it will be a perfect addition to The Grove campus. It will also nicely complement our award-winning golf course, Clubhouse, Boathouse Marina, and other resort-style amenities.

Curious to learn more? We invite you to experience Harbor Club for yourself. Contact us today to schedule an exclusive tour of our Southern Living-Inspired Community. With all there is to see and do, plus our neighborhood full of wonderful friends, you’ll quickly see why we won the 2018 Bliss Award for “Best Georgia Community of the Year.”