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Popular Golf Tournament Formats at Harbor Club

Thursday, Jul 15, 2021  |  admin  |  Golf


Golf tournaments take on a whole new meaning when you change the format. Each type offers a unique twist on your game — making your typical experience into something atypical and a ton of fun. New and different strategies come into play with each, but what exactly are those formats and how are they played?

We reached out to our head golf pro, Keith Kelly, to define some of the more popular golf tournament formats enjoyed at Harbor Club. 

Alternate Shot

With this type of tournament, golfers compete in teams of two and use only one ball per team. Each player takes alternate shots until the hole is completed.


With this type of tournament, either two or three-person teams play alternate-shot against other teams. Up to two teams are eliminated on each hole, based on the highest score. After that, play continues until two teams are left to compete for the championship.


This tournament is usually done in a team format as well. It’s made up of three games: low score on the front nine, low score on the back nine, and low score over the full 18.

Blitz Points

Under this unique system, golfers receive points typically based on the following scale:

0 point – Double Bogey

1 point – Bogey

2 points – Par

4 points – Birdie

6 points – Eagle

You subtract your handicap strokes from 36, and that is how many points you have to pull. For example, if you have a 14 handicap, you’d subtract 14 from 36, showing you need 22 points to break even. If you get less than that, you’ll end up with a negative number. For example, if you got 20 points, you’ll be at -2. If you pulled 24 points, then you’re in positive territory with +2. The higher plus points you have, the better.


The Scramble is a typical tournament played for golf associations and charity events. It is usually played with four-person teams, but two-person scrambles are popular, too. In a scramble, each player tees off on each hole. The best of the tee shots is chosen, and the other players pick up their balls and play their second shots from that location. Then the best of the second shots is determined, and the others play their third shots from that spot. Play continues in that manner until the ball is holed.

Texas Scramble

Texas scramble differs slightly from a regular scramble format in that players are required to each contribute at least four drives throughout the series.

Best Ball

Best ball tournaments usually involve two-person teams where each player plays their own ball throughout the round. After each hole, the player with the lowest score (or the “best ball”) serves as the team’s score. 

Superintendent’s Revenge

This is usually a four-person scramble with the golf course set up in a bunch of crazy ways. You’ll find wacky obstacles created by the turf care team, like tractors placed on the course, teeing off from non-traditional spots, small holes instead for standard size, bizarre obstacles on the greens, and more. 

The Superintendent’s Revenge is one of Harbor Club’s most popular golf tournaments. Others that are more specific to Harbor Club include:


This tournament usually consists of flighted nine-hole matches. There are traditionally six teams in a flight, and each plays a round-robin of five matches so that everyone gets to play each team one time. Each hole is worth one point, plus one point for winning the nine-hole match. For this tournament, we limit the total points to seven until the last match, in which 10 points can be won. It’s done this way to keep it close (and more interesting) until the end of the tournament.


This tournament consists of two-person teams in flights playing different nine-hole formats over two days. For example, our upcoming MGA Member-Member tournament in July includes four formats: Texas Scramble and 2-Player Scramble on day one, and Texas Alternate Shot and Two-Player Best Ball on day two.

Couples Golf

These tournaments are a fun and laid-back way for couples to mix and mingle on and off the golf course. Couples meet at the driving range twice a month around 5 pm, and tee-off is a shotgun start at 5:30 pm. Everyone plays nine holes, either on the front or back nine, and afterward, gather at the Clubhouse Restaurant for a fun social hour with drinks and food specials. 

Club Championships

These tournaments involve individual stroke play. They are usually flighted by age groups that play from different tees. 

Harbor Club’s Men’s Golf Association (MGA) has playdays every Wednesday and Friday. They are usually individual stroke play, two-person teams, and four-person teams. They also have two-day weekend tournaments with varying formats (like the Member-Member tournament mentioned above.)

Harbor Club’s Ladies Golf Association (LGA) has playdays every Thursday with a different format each week. 

Have you ever thought about hosting a golf tournament? Our award-winning championship golf course welcomes all types of golf formats. We’d be happy to provide more information on tournament pricing and team up with you to make your tournament a memorable, fun event for all. Contact us today to learn more.