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Harbor Club Resident Testimonial Highlight: Terry Lawler

Tuesday, Jun 19, 2018  |  admin  |  Latest News


If you follow the Harbor Club blog, you’re well aware of how awesome our community is. But this time, you don’t have to take our word for it, take it from Harbor Club resident Terry Lawler. After living in Atlanta for many years, Terry and his wife Gail decided to move to our resort-style community.

We sat down with Terry recently to learn why he thought Harbor Club was the perfect place to live.

Tell us a little about yourself and your family.

I’m originally from Atlanta. I grew up and lived there since 1954. My wife Gail is from Sandersville, Georgia. We’ve been married for over 25 years and have lived in Atlanta the whole time. We have two children, a son, and daughter. One currently lives in Atlanta and the other in Augusta. For us, living at Harbor Club is ideal because we are located halfway between the two.

How did you learn about Harbor Club?

We’ve known about Harbor Club for over 20 years. We’ve owned properties on both sides of Lake Oconee and have visited with friends and family throughout the Lake Country. I’d played golf at Harbor Club and really enjoyed it. Harbor Club made a great impression.

Did you visit other communities in your search?

Over the years, we’ve visited many communities in the Lake Country area while going out to eat, playing golf, or visiting with friends. We explored other places in metro Atlanta and felt the city has gotten so big that we had to live farther out to get the lifestyle we desired. We realized we loved the Lake Country area, and Harbor Club in particular.

What made you choose Harbor Club?

We discovered that Harbor Club had a warm, neighborly feel to it. At Harbor Club, it’s like the theme song from the TV show Cheers, where everyone knows your name. We love that!

As you know, Harbor Club is in a beautiful location – away from it all, yet close to what you need. What is it about the location that appeals to you the most?

The location is great. You’re close to Atlanta, Athens, and Augusta but far enough away too. And while it’s certainly not too close, we like the convenience to Interstate 20. Coming from Atlanta, it’s the first residential development you come to when you get off the Interstate. To get to other communities in the area, you can drive ten minutes or more after getting off the interstate. We really like the availability of quality healthcare, an excellent grocery store (Publix), churches, restaurants and more. Additionally, we enjoy shopping in Greensboro, Madison, and Eatonton.

What Harbor Club amenities do you typically use?

I love the golf course. It’s a very nice, comfortable course to play. I love the walking trails too. My wife plays tennis, and we are excited to start playing pickleball at Harbor Club. We both enjoy the Clubhouse and Boathouse Restaurant very much. One other thing I want to mention is that Harbor Club has only one main entrance with a manned gatehouse. With one way in and one way out, it gives an enhanced sense of security as well as the added benefit of no busy “pass-through” traffic.

What are the best things about living at Harbor Club?

Hands down, it’s the neighborly feel of the place. Neighbors wave as you walk or drive through the community. Everyone is so warm and friendly here. To give you an example, our house is across a small pond from a friend’s house. Via the road, it takes a while to drive to visit each other. But our friends got creative and decided to mow a path across the pond’s dam to make it easier for us to get together! We affectionately call it the “Yellow Brick Road.”

Do you participate in any of the community events and activities?

We’ve lived at Harbor Club full time for several months now, but my wife just recently retired, so we haven’t done a lot yet. However, we did enjoy a fun trivia night at the Clubhouse, as well as live music and dinner there too. We’re looking forward to doing more.

Harbor Club offers a lot of opportunities to connect with your neighbors through social activities. Regarding that, how has life changed for you since moving in?

We like that there are many different things to do, depending on your interests. Not everything revolves around just one thing, like golf. There’s something for everyone. If you want to just relax and enjoy nature, Harbor Club can satisfy that. If you’re more active, there’s plenty here to keep you happily occupied. But you don’t have to be super-active if you don’t want to be. You’re not getting graded one way or another. At other communities, people have asked me what level of membership I have. No one has asked me that here.

Can you provide an example where Harbor Club exceeded your expectations?

It took about eight months to build our new home at Harbor Club. At most places, once the build is complete, the people you did business with usually move on to the next set of clients. Not so at Harbor Club. Brandon continues to take the time to say hello to us, ask us how things are going, and if we are enjoying ourselves. Kathy does too. It shows that our relationships are genuine — because they continue, even though there was no expectation for them to do so.

What are some of the reasons you would recommend Patriot Builders?

Quality. It may take a little bit longer to get things done, but it’s worth it because Patriot Builders ensures they do it right. They are very meticulous about their finish work, and it shows. My sister-in-law just visited recently, and she remarked how everything was so solid and so well-built. In fact, we continue to find things that impress us. Even if something didn’t work quite right, as they always do with new construction, Jeff listened to our concerns and got them addressed. We’ve had other builders smile and nod their heads but never follow through. Not so with Jeff. We are very pleased with how our new home turned out.

What would you tell people who are considering a move to Harbor Club?

If you want to be in a club community in the Lake Country area, you can’t make a better investment, both personally and financially, than making Harbor Club your home.

It’s pretty evident that Terry loves living the Harbor Club Life. Want to see what all the hype is about? Start planning your visit today.