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Southern Living Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

Thursday, Nov 17, 2022  |  admin  |  Latest News

Turkey on Thanksgiving is the hit of the holiday. What’s Thanksgiving without it? Since it’s a must-have on the menu, it’s good to know that there are multiple ways to prepare that beautiful bird. If you’d like to attempt something new this Thanksgiving, try one of these delicious Southern Living-inspired methods for cooking your turkey this holiday. 

Smoked turkey

If you have a smoker, you have the means to make an incredibly delicious turkey. Southern Living claims their Smoked Turkey Recipe with Herb Rub is the only one you’ll ever need. The herb brine includes thyme, rosemary, and sage – all wonderful flavors reminiscent of the holidays. There’s also a nice balance of salty and sweet, the latter from light brown sugar. Try using hickory chips with this recipe for a more classic flavor. 

Deep-fried turkey

If you’re feeling adventurous, a deep-fried turkey is well worth the time and effort. Southern Living’s recipe for Deep Fried Turkey with Creole Spices offers a hot, juicy bird with crispy skin – something that your family will talk about long after the holiday is over. Note that this recipe requires a propane turkey fryer, a fully defrosted bird, a few safety guidelines, and your undivided attention. But it’s worth it. Also, be prepared to deep-fry your turkey again next year (and the year after), possibly creating a new tradition. It’s that good. 

Grilled or “spatchcocked” turkey

If you don’t have a smoker or a turkey fryer, that’s ok. Most people have a charcoal grill, providing an excellent and unique way to cook your Thanksgiving turkey. Also known as butterflying, “spatchcocking” is when a butcher (or home cook) removes a chicken’s backbone, cutting it almost in half so it lays flat. Cooking the turkey on the grill this way results in juicier meat, crispier skin, and quicker, even cooking. Give Southern Living’s Spatchcocked Smoked Turkey recipe a try. 

Roasted turkey

We can’t leave out the most popular method of preparing turkey – roasting it in the oven. Your prep work is one of the primary keys to success with this cooking method. For a mouthwatering meal, buy the right size bird and allow enough time for it to defrost before roasting. Southern Living’s recipe for Simple Roasted Turkey has one reviewer stating, “Absolutely love this recipe! It’s very easy to follow and make. The 45 minutes at 450° is what makes this bird. The browning is all done in that step… It came out absolutely juicy.

No matter which method you choose for cooking your turkey this year, we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. With over 80% full-time residents at our Southern Living-Inspired Community, we like to ensure that everyone has ample opportunities to socialize together, especially around the holidays. To see and learn more about Harbor Club, contact us and schedule a tour today. We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to our warm-hearted, fun-loving community…where every day feels like a holiday.