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Spring Is House Hunting Season! Here’s How To Be A Well-Prepared Buyer

Thursday, Feb 25, 2016  |  Harbor Club  |  Latest News

Believe it or not, spring is right around the corner. You can see indications of it everywhere. There have even been a few daffodils blooming! But outside of the clues nature has been providing, there are other signs too. Literally. “For Sale” signs, to be exact. ’Tis the season to buy and sell homes. In fact, according to Freddie Mac, April, May, and June accounted for 40% of all home sales in 2015. How come? People are ready to quit hibernating and get out of their winter lairs. They are itching to get in the sun and go hunting for a new, better home. More importantly, it’s a critical time for being able to easily transition kids from one school to another. Many families typically rush to buy a new home in the spring, settle in during the summer, then have their kids start at a new school in the fall. It’s a smart, strategic timeline. If you haven’t already heard, 2016 promises to be a competitive home-buying year. So how can you get a a jump start ahead of all the other frantic buyers that are putting offers on YOUR chosen dream home? Keep the following tactics in mind so you don’t miss out:

Determine your wish list

Do you truly know what you want? What area do you hope to live in? Is there a particular school you want your kids to attend. Have you visited them both? Got a preference for new construction or resale? Want the master on the main floor or can you live with one upstairs? Your older self may not prefer the latter. Do you want access to a golf course? How about a big piece of land? Do you want to maintain that too? Honestly think about what you and your family want. But remember, very rarely will you find the perfect home that grants each wish. Decide which wishes you can be flexible on.

Get pre-approved for a mortgage.

Yes, you know this one already, but have you actually gotten it done? If speed is of the essence, buyers that are pre-approved will be able to move much faster than those who are not. Get it done asap.

Go with reality instead of virtual reality

Sure, there is a lot you can learn online when looking for a new home. It’s an excellent way of gathering intel, especially with videos like this one. But to get the real gist for a home or a neighborhood, you’ve got to visit them. Take advantage of open houses (fresh-baked cookies, anyone?) and go on neighborhood tours. Blurry or strategically-cropped online photos may be telling only half the story. The only way you’ll know for sure is if you check out the places yourself. In keeping with that last piece of advice, we’d like to invite you to visit Harbor Club on Lake Oconee. Living here is like being on a staycation every day! Now is the perfect time to see for yourself. Who knows — if all goes well, you’ll be on the lake and golf course in no time. See you soon!

(PS – The stunning home pictured above is for sale — it is situated right on Lake Oconee AND has views of Harbor Club golf course holes 7 & 8! Click here for more photos and details.)