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Square One Fish Company at Harbor Club

Enjoy Square One Fish Company at The Boathouse Marina

Friday, Jul 28, 2023  |  admin  |  Dining

Our friends at Square One Fish Company are happily serving delicious food and beverages at The Boathouse Marina this summer. If you didn’t already know, Square One is a very popular Athens-based restaurant that recently expanded its business into food trucks. Meredith Grill, one of the partners, shared some fascinating details about the restaurant, its specialties, and exciting plans for serving at The Boathouse in the future.

Who owns Square One, and how and when did it get started?

Joe Cascio owns Square One and has served the Athens community for over ten years. Before that, Joe owned and operated a business down in Florida called Joe’s Riverside. Joe and I, Meredith Grill, are partners in the two brand-new food trucks we just started in March. 

What’s the best way you would describe your food offerings?

We are focused on offering South Florida-style seafood. Joe is also Italian, so many of our dishes have an Italian flare. What we are serving at the Boathouse is aimed to show all the different styles of food we can do with our Mobile Kitchens. 

What are the restaurant’s specialties, and what are the most popular dishes?

Our specialties at the restaurant are our Fish N’ Chips, Oysters (which we sell for $1 a piece for Happy Hour 4-6 pm), and our Pan-Fried Codfish or Fresh Catch Fish options. We host five-course Wine Dinners every two months, which are a hit, and we have daily specials: Tuesday Date Night Deal (which is three courses and a bottle of wine) for $80 per couple, and Wine Wednesdays, where we offer half-off bottles of wine under $50.

When did the food truck service begin, and how far do you travel?

We started the food trucks in March and will go anywhere and everywhere! We have done several private events, including weddings, company events, school lunches, etc. We first served out of the food truck for Memorial Day weekend, but now we are fortunate to share the kitchen and indoor seating with Harbor Club. 

How’s it going with the food truck at The Boathouse? 

We have had a great experience operating the facilities. We look forward to continuing until Labor Day, September 4, when we will have the Wrecking Roses perform (nominated for GA’s top country band of the year) from 6-8 p.m. 

What are the biggest benefits your customers/diners enjoy while dining on your food/beverages at The Boathouse?

We have had great reviews on our service and food so far. What people most enjoy about dining with us is the ability to have fast service where they can grab some quick food and drinks and head back onto the lake. There is also a fantastic view, live music almost every Saturday, and the menu changes every week, so there’s always something new to try. 

What are the favorite dishes you’ve served at The Boathouse Marina?

Our most popular dishes and must-tries for the Boathouse are the fried Grouper Fingers, Poke Bowls/Nachos, and Smash Burger Sliders with homemade Bacon Pimento Cheese. 

How long will you be servicing The Boathouse Marina?

We will operate the Boathouse until Labor Day, Monday, September 4.

Are there any interesting/exciting future plans in store for your food truck service at The Boathouse?

We have loved serving the Harbor Club and the local community this summer and would love to be back in the future. We will return to Athens for our busy season but will always be available for catering events. Our last day serving at the Boathouse will be a fun celebration, and we would love for everyone to come out. We will be open Labor Day weekend, Friday- Monday, 12-8 pm, with live music from 6-8 pm. 

Harbor Club is thrilled to have Square One Fish Company at The Boathouse Marina this summer. Be sure to stop by and enjoy an excellent dining experience at 3991 Walker Church Rd between Friday and Sunday, 12-8 p.m. And don’t miss out on the Labor Day weekend festivities – a not-to-miss end-of-summer celebration. 

You’ll find Square One Fish Company in Athens at 1298 Prince Avenue. They also have two mobile kitchens which you can rent for the day and do it your way, or book their team to curate and execute the perfect menu for your special event. Be sure to follow Square One on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest updates.