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The Super Bowl and Golf: 5 Key Takeaways

Friday, Feb 8, 2019  |  admin  |  Golf


As you know by now, the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams went head-to-head in Super Bowl LIII — and the event played out just down the road from us in Atlanta, Georgia. The result of this much-anticipated game was the Patriots overtaking the Rams with a score of 13-3. What’s most impressive is that this was the Patriots second Super Bowl win in three years and their sixth championship since the 2001 season. Patriots fan or not, you have to admire their success. Reflecting on the game, and how both teams performed, we wanted to share five key takeaways for our friends who play golf. 

Winning demands experience

…and experience takes time. The Rams are young, talented and on the brink of greatness. The Patriots, however, are much more experienced, established, and they know how to win. It’s easy to understand that the Patriots were in the best position to capitalize on any of the Ram’s mishaps. However, it won’t be a big surprise to see the Rams play in a future Super Bowl.

Key takeaway for golfers: Keep practicing and playing. The experience you gain over time will help you in the future.

Persistence pays off

The Rams defense was incredible for the majority of the game. They were playing the champions and they held them to just 13 points. While yes, the Rams lost the game, that low score is quite impressive.

Key takeaway for golfers: If you’re struggling with your game, don’t give up. Persistence is a key to success, perhaps not always, but it will be in the long run.

Always keep your composure

Quarterbacks Jared Goff and Tom Brady both did a fantastic job of keeping their composure on the field, despite being under tremendous amounts of stress and pressure. Even when things didn’t go as planned for either one of them, they showed zero emotion and stayed focused on what needed to be done.

Key takeaway for golfers: No matter what, carry a calm, even-tempered demeanor on the golf course. It will enhance your inner pro, and you’ll be admired for your ability of mind over matter.

Age is just a number

Speaking of the quarterbacks, there is a 17-year age difference between Brady (41) and Goff (23). Age, obviously, didn’t matter in this game. Brady is a fantastic player who knows and understands that he doesn’t have to play the greatest game to be a success. What he does know is that he can be great when it’s needed the most, and, on Sunday, that’s precisely what he was.

Key takeaway for golfers: Don’t let your age be an excuse. Use it as an asset and play to the best of your ability when it counts the most.

Confidence is key

Both the Rams and the Patriots were there to win. You don’t play in the Super Bowl wondering if you’re going to win. You play in the Super Bowl with the mindset that you will win. No matter what, confidence is a crucial factor in winning the game.

Key takeaway for golfers: Believe in yourself and your abilities. It puts you in the right state of mind for every shot you take.

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