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The Benefits of Junior Golf Camp

Friday, Jun 23, 2017  |  admin  |  Latest News


With summer getting into full swing (pun intended!) we wanted to remind you that our junior golf camp starts back up in July. Now, this isn’t just any old boring camp where kids just fritter time away. Junior golf camp is an awesome opportunity for kids to not only learn the great game of golf, but it also helps them become confident, more well-rounded individuals.

Don’t believe us? Check out all the advantages junior golf camp provides:

Banish boredom

Junior golf camp will quickly nix the “I’m bored!” commentary from the kids. It’s a wonderful way to keep them both happy and busy this summer.

Anyone can play

You already know that golf champs come in all shapes and sizes. Boy, girl, big, small — it doesn’t matter when it comes to playing the game.

Enjoy outside

Your kids will be outside, in nature, breathing fresh air and getting some exercise in a beautiful place (our award-winning golf course!) It’s a good break from those zoned-out smartphone and video game addictions.

Create new friendships

Kids have great bonding opportunities when in a group of like-minded individuals. These newly cultivated “golf-themed” friendships can last a lifetime.

Boost socialization skills

The more exposure and involvement with others, the more chances your kids have to open up and communicate with people. Positive interactions will abound, not only with other children but with adults too.

Fitness that’s fun

Walking on the course, swinging a club, putting, stretching, bending, reaching …all of these do the body good. These physical activities are certainly much better than sitting on the couch and watching TV.

It’s super safe

Golf is a non-contact sport, so the risk of injury is small. Not only that, Harbor Club is a safe, gated community with security personnel monitoring the entrance 24/7.

Prep for the business world

Golf is not a simple game. There’s a lot to it and it’s perfect for preparing kids to be a professional, no matter what career they choose. When kids play the game of golf, it will help them to:

  • Enhance their focus and attention
  • Think strategically
  • Be solution-oriented
  • Be disciplined and dedicated
  • Better manage emotions
  • Maintain a positive outlook
  • Adapt to challenges
  • Learn from their mistakes
  • Bounce back from setbacks
  • Be collaborative
  • Maintain grace under pressure
  • Practice good sportsmanship

Gain courtesy and etiquette

The golf course is an excellent place to practice patience, good manners and honesty. It’s also where kids learn how to take good care of the course, mute their phones, respect other player’s time, and keep their tempers under control.

Scholarship opportunities

The earlier your kids start playing golf, the better. If they grow to love the game and continue to do well on the course, they’ll have the potential to unlock some great academic scholarship opportunities in the future.

Family time fun for years to come

Young or old, golf is a sport can be played by almost everyone in your family. Brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, moms, dads — golf can bring them all together in a way that other sports can’t. It’s an awesome way for grandma and grandpa to interact with the grandkids and vice versa.

There are so many benefits to golf! Got questions? We’ve got answers. Give the pro shop a call at (706) 453-4414 or email We look forward to seeing your kids play!