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The Surprising Health Benefits of Golf You Should Know About

Thursday, Sep 15, 2016  |  admin  |  Golf


Want to boost your health? Go play a round of golf. This is especially true if you walk the course–which is typically around four miles. And if you carry your own clubs, you are getting an even better workout.

b2ap3 large golf healthThe Rose Center for Health and Sports Sciences reported a rough estimate of how many calories are burned playing an average 9-hole golf course, finding that:

  • golfers who walk and carry their own bag burn 721 calories
  • golfers using a pull cart burn 718 calories
  • golfers walking with a caddie burn 613 calories, and
  • golfers riding in a golf cart burn 411 calories

Imagine how many calories you’ll burn on an 18-hole course like ours!

Sure, you already know that golf offers an excellent way to stay fit, tone up, lose weight and increase your endurance, but there are some additional interesting health benefits that you may not be aware of.

Playing golf has these bonus effects:

You’ll be happier

Because golf is typically a social sport, it provides an excellent opportunity for social interaction. On the course, you can cultivate and nurture relationships by meeting new people and/or keeping in touch with friends and family. This is great because social interaction has been proven to increase your happiness. That social interaction also prevents loneliness and boosts self-esteem, all of which can increase your overall happiness.

You’ll have better brain health

Sure, you’ll be physically active when you play a round of golf, but think about all the information that your brain is processing too. You’re problem-solving and improving your creativity–especially if your ball lies in a challenging location. You’ll gain a better understanding of physics, while improving your hand-eye coordination too. Golf will make your brain sharper than ever.

You’ll look fantastic

It’s no joke! Aside from the toning and weight loss, golf is a sport that decreases your stress level and improves your sleep–which has been attributed to making you look and feel great. Golf can even improve your posture, which can instantly make you look more confident, slimmer and younger.

You’ll have stronger bones

As we age, our bones weaken, but if you carry your clubs, you’ll be doing weight-bearing exercise–an activity that helps to strengthen bones. Not only that, you’ll be outside in the sun, which can give you a dose of vitamin D (also known as the “sunshine vitamin.”) Exposure to sunlight provides the vital vitamin D you need to help your bones efficiently absorb calcium, which further strengthens them. The bonus?<href=”#Overview1″ > Vitamin D also fights disease and depression too!

You’ll feel great

The more you play, the better you’ll feel. Aside from being happier, you’ll also gain a sense of achievement as you improve your game. Your strength, balance and stability will improve, as will your vision as you scope out your ball after a long drive. In addition, you’ll develop better patience over time — which is an admirable value to have.

You’ll improve your bladder strength

As funny as this one sounds, it’s true–golf improves your bladder strength! After enjoying a few beverages out on the course, you may have to “hold it” for longer periods of time before having the opportunity to relieve yourself. It’s not the most comfortable exercise, but it’s one that will certainly strengthen your bladder control.

You’ll live longer

The ScienceDaily reported that a Swedish study found golfers had a 40% lower rate of death than the rest of the population. What a wonderful way to prolong your life!

So what are you waiting for? With so many great health benefits, book a tee time at Harbor Club golf course today.