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Working Remotely? Do it in Productive Style at Harbor Club

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020  |  admin  |  Latest News


Are you one of the many people pining for a rural escape during the COVID-19 crisis? You’re not alone. There’s been plenty of headlines and news reports about people fleeing big cities in search of more peaceful environments. It’s no surprise, considering the rural suburbs are places where social distancing is a built-in part of life. Especially during the pandemic, people want to be away from crowds, traffic, and mass transit.

As a result of social-distancing safety measures, working from home is a common and accepted practice. According to a Gallup poll, half of Americans who are currently working remotely said they plan to continue to do so even after business restrictions are lifted.

Working remotely offers several unique opportunities — including better choices as to where to live. Those who work from home no longer have to worry about how long their commute will be. Their commute is now a short stroll from the breakfast table to their home office. As a result of both the work-from-home and trend and the increased interest in suburban living, we’ve seen an uptick in home sales at Harbor Club. Recently, our Sales Director, Kathy Phillips, was quoted in an ideal-LIVING magazine article saying, “Just last week we welcomed new homeowners from Atlanta because the wife’s boss told her she could work from home.” Kathy went on to say, “The couple is in their 50s and was looking for a place that had national-class recreational amenities plus the shopping and medical infrastructure that could help turn their work home into a retirement home when the time comes.”

Understanding the increased need, Harbor Club has fully embraced the home office trend. This is particularly true with its new Summerhill house plan. It boasts a dedicated office nook near the master bedroom, complete with a beautiful, built-in, wrap-around desk. Several other house plans at our Southern Living-Inspired Community offer bonus spaces that have the flexibility to be converted to a home office during construction. Having that special space to work not only optimizes professionalism, but it also energizes productivity.

Of course, there are other benefits for ditching the city, including stress relief and boosts in concentration. But as the only Southern Living-Inspired Community in Georgia, Harbor Club offers additional benefits, such as a neighborhood with a strong sense of community, enhanced pride in place, and (of course) the gorgeous, custom-built, Southern Living-Inspired homes

And when it comes time to step away from your home office, there are a ton of options to enjoy resort-style living at Harbor Club. It’s a gorgeous place where fresh air, woods, and greenspace abound. Factor in the accessibility and beauty of Lake Oconee, and you’ve got plenty of ways to enjoy the safety and the serenity of the outdoors. Go for a walk, hike, swim, or a boat ride. Play championship golf, tennis, or pickleball. Take the dog to the dog park or grab a delicious meal at The Clubhouse or The Boathouse Restaurant. It’s all within easy reach. With so much to enjoy at Harbor Club, why not experience it for yourself? We’d love to show you around, virtually or otherwise. Let’s schedule your private tour today.