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Zoom Rooms: Create the Perfect Setup at Home

Thursday, Aug 6, 2020  |  admin  |  At Home


Have you used Zoom yet? During the pandemic, many of us are working from home. Zoom, as well as other online meeting applications, such as FaceTime and Google Hangouts, are now common tools for gathering safely — especially for those working remotely. Just like you would with a face-to-face meeting, you want to be presentable online. But have you put much thought into your background? Not those wonky, virtual backgrounds, but the actual room you’re in during the meeting? If you’re lucky, you’re in a home office or another quiet, multi-purpose space. (By the way, we’re seeing a significant uptick in need for rooms like that in real estate.)

But no matter what space you’re in, as we navigate the “new normal” of online gatherings, your “Zoom Room” is important because it’s a critical part of how you present yourself online. Here are tips for making a great impression in both regards:

Look at the light

Use a room in your home that has excellent natural light. Open the curtains and the blinds to let in the daylight. Set your computer in front of the window so that the camera is facing you. If you don’t have a suitable window, place your lamp so that it lights up your face from the front. Avoid having bright light above or behind you. If you are backlit, you’ll appear dark, and people won’t be able to see you. If the light is above you, it’ll highlight features that you don’t want highlighted. You’re in a meeting, not an interrogation. 

Behold your background

If you’ve never paid attention to your “Zoom Room” background, take a good look now. It should be a space that portrays the best about you. You want it to show your style and taste. Keep it clean, tidy, and simply decorated. If you look closely at some of the local news anchors’ backgrounds, you’ll see tastefully arranged family photos, artwork, books, flowers, and travel memorabilia. There are no dirty dishes, piles of laundry, or books on religion, politics, or other pivotal subjects. You want the focus on you, not on anything that could be embarrassing in your backdrop.

Adjust your angle

Your best angle in an online meeting is straight ahead. Be sure to directly face your computer’s camera and raise your laptop monitor to sit at eye level. If you’re in too tight of a spot to get that perfect, head-on view, move to a room that gives you more space. Avoid letting only half your face show (or just your chin, or just your forehead.) Seeing all of your facial features and your body language helps others know that you’re fully present and engaged in the conversation. 

We believe “Zoom Rooms” will continue to be a growing trend in real estate. With so many more people working from home, we’re finding that buyers want and need multi-purpose rooms that can be used for both business and leisure. A beautifully built, light-filled, and roomy home provides the best options, as do those with well-designed, dedicated office spaces. At Harbor Club, there are plenty of homes that satisfy those needs. Take a look at our current listings and let us know if you’d like a tour (virtual or otherwise.) We’re happy to show you our award-winning Southern Living-Inspired Community. It’s an impressive place to live, work, and play. See for yourself and contact us today