Like us humans, dogs are born to lead active lives. They love to go outside to play just as much as we do. Fortunately for those that live at Harbor Club, both residents and their canine “kids” have a brand new dog park to do just that.

At our brand new amenity center, The Grove, you’ll find our recently unveiled dog park. The park is actually made up of two fenced-in sections—one designated for large breeds and the other for smaller pups. It’s a fantastic place for both the dogs and their owners to socialize, get to know one another and make new friends. 

dog park

To get the most out of your dog park experience, however, it's important to be considerate of others. Here are some great etiquette tips to help you (and Fido) avoid any potential improprieties:

We are so excited to have this new dog park at Harbor Club, and we know the community is, too! If you’re at the park with your pup, we’d love it if you’d snap a photo and share it with us on our Facebook Page!