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10 Reasons to Fall in Love With Golf Again

Thursday, Feb 18, 2021  |  admin  |  Latest News


According to the National Golf Foundation, over 24 million people played golf in 2019. Were you one of them? …or have you fallen out of love with the sport? Since it’s February (the month of love), we’re here to help you fall back in love with golf again. Here are 10 reasons to get back into the swing of things (pun intended.)

1 – Every round improves your game

The more you play, the better you’ll feel. Aside from being happier, you’ll also gain a sense of achievement as you improve your game. Each round enhances your strength, stability, balance, and patience — all of which are admirable values on or off the course. 

2 – Golf boosts careers

Need to foster some new client relationships? Seek out new leads from a potential customer? Entertain some of your best reps? Playing golf is the perfect way to network, develop, and personalize important business relationships.

3 – A round is excellent, outdoor exercise

Playing golf is a great way to get some fresh air, sunshine, and exercise…without feeling like you’re exercising. It gets the blood pumping because you’re walking, bending, reaching, stretching, and swinging a club. The bonus? You’ll smile (and laugh) a lot too. How many other sports offer those benefits?

4 – Boosts your brain power

There’s a ton of information that your brain processes when playing golf. You’re engaging in creative problem-solving, especially if your ball lies in a challenging location. You’ll improve your hand-eye coordination and even gain a better understanding of physics. Golf makes your brain sharper than ever.

5 – It’s a fun challenge

No matter where you play, how you play, or who you play with, shots and conditions are always changing. To overcome those challenges, there’s always a different strategy to try and new things to learn. Your knowledge base builds over time, helping you to improve your overall game. 

6 – Appealing sights and sounds 

Golf is a peaceful sport. Courses and beautifully maintained, most with gorgeous vistas and views. A sunset round is an awe-inspiring experience. Plus, the quiet solitude and sounds of nature offer a sense of tranquility.

7 – The perfect shot

…is always within reach. You never know when you’re going to be the newest member of the “hole-in-one club.” The only way to find out is to get out there and play. The pride that comes with a perfect shot is like none other. Those who know, know. And you can be one of them as long as you try. 

8 – You’re never too old to play

As you age, you may have to quit other sports that are tough on your body. That’s not so with golf. You’re never too old to play. It’s true even if you’ve never played before. At Harbor Club, we offer a wide variety of lessons for people of all ages and skill levels. Our golf pro, Keith Kelly, says that teaching is his absolute favorite part of his job. “I love being able to help people understand the game better so that they can play it better.

9 – Creates wonderful memories

Looking for new ways to bond with family and friends? Playing golf is an excellent (safe) way to achieve that. Playing together offers a unique way to connect that’s both meaningful and memorable for years to come. 

10 – It’s motivating

It’s intriguing to watch talented professionals play, right? (The Masters, especially.) Whether you’re watching in person or on TV, there’s no better time than the present to channel that interest into playing golf yourself. If you’ve never tried it, there’s no better time than the present. Give it a go, and you may discover a new, rewarding hobby that’ll last a lifetime. 

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