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Lake Country Resident? Promote Your Professionalism with a Harbor Club Membership

Friday, Jan 29, 2021  |  admin  |  Golf


The way we work is quite different now due to the pandemic. Many of us work from home and are likely to do so for the foreseeable future. If you live at Harbor Club, your house probably already has an impressive home office and a highly-functional “Zoom Room.” But whether you work remotely at Harbor Club or from anywhere in Lake Country, sometimes you have to get out of the house. 

It’s healthy to either work in a different environment or to simply take a break from the toils of the day. But, where do you go? What do you do? Consider a Harbor Club membership. When it comes to work and play, it’s a compelling alternative that anyone in Lake Country can benefit from. A Harbor Club membership is both distinctive and rewarding. With it, you can promote your professionalism and conduct business in a unique and impressive way. Moreover, it’s better and safer than typical office or co-working spaces. Consider these benefits:

Convenient location

When it comes to work or extracurricular activities, why travel or rush from place to place? You can do it all from Harbor Club. Have a lunch meeting at The Clubhouse Restaurant. Play a round of golf with your colleagues at our championship course. Meet up at the Fitness Center to do a workout, take a class, play pickleball or tennis. It’s easy to duck into the men’s or ladies lounges at The Clubhouse to avoid distractions for quiet conversations. Whatever it is that you require for work or play, our Southern Living-Inspired Community is a hybrid space that’s both convenient and well-equipped with plenty of resort-style amenities to satisfy those needs.

Better networking and socialization opportunities

Although technology affords us the flexibility to do almost anything anywhere, it can also be alienating. Sure, we’re more connected online than ever, but we’re also more physically isolated than ever. Without real interactions, it can be a lonely existence. A club membership offers an excellent way to facilitate new and better connections — especially among a group of well-established professionals in and around our community. It caters to those interested in combining work with play, who want to customize their experience and casually interact with other like-minded members and make new friends. Imagine safely gathering for delicious meals, enjoying social events, and escaping some of the stresses of life in an “everybody knows your name” environment. It’s a reality at Harbor Club.

Work where wellness abounds

No matter if you’re a remote worker, freelancer, or digital nomad, everyone’s work has become integrated with their lifestyle. No matter the job, we seem to strive for better health and increased happiness in our daily work lives. Wellness is more of a requirement today than ever, especially considering the pandemic. After all, you’ve got to be well to work. At Harbor Club, health and wellness are top of mind. Our wellness-oriented Fitness Center offers a gym with several options for both cardio and weight-training. We offer yoga, strength training, and other exercise classes. The pool is a great place to do some laps. Or go for a run on the quarter-mile track. Get deeper into nature on our hiking and FitTrails. Of course, there’s golf on our highly-acclaimed championship course. How about racquet sports, like pickleball and tennis? Or, for more laid-back options, get involved in the Community Garden or try a fun game of croquet. Think about it — what kind of office environment (or co-working space) conveniently offers all of these wellness options as well as delicious meals, tasty beverages, and that much-needed cup of joe when inspiration strikes? Not many — but we do. 

Memorable meetings 

For those times when you have to conduct a meeting in person, the right amount of space and amenities are key, especially in this era of COVID-19. There are benefits even for professionals who operate solely out of traditional offices. Meetings held at Harbor Club provide a perfect in-between space to conduct work. It offers neutral territory for gathering safely — one likely better suited for work than your home (or somebody else’s.) We offer a variety of inviting spaces conducive to business meetings, both formal and informal. Feel free to start or conclude your meeting with a delicious meal at The Clubhouse Restaurant. Of course, catering is readily available too. Whether you plan on a larger gathering or a one-on-one session, we aim to help you and your team be as comfortable, happy, and productive as possible. 

Is membership worth the investment? 

The short answer is yes. Whatever you’re looking for — increased wellness, more networking opportunities, better friendships, or a haven from trying times—you’ve got it with an exclusive Harbor Club membership. We’re much more than just a place to plop down a laptop. We’ve built a strong, caring community that strengthens and serves our members well for both work and play. Best of all? For some independent workers, a percentage of membership fees may be tax-deductible. (Please check with your accountant to see if you qualify.) In the meantime, contact us to learn more about which Harbor Club membership fits your needs best. You’ll find it to be a valuable part of both your work and your lifestyle.