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Community Matters: 8 Benefits of Belonging

Thursday, Dec 3, 2020  |  admin  |  At Home


“Harbor Club is all about family and a sense of community. A round of golf, a boat ride on the lake, followed by a casual cookout at home. It doesn’t get any better than this.” -Kevin Butler

Nowadays, belonging to warm, tight-knit community matters more than ever. The winter months typically keep most people inside. And now COVID-19 has isolated people even more due to social distancing protocols. But, being the social creatures that we are, it’s normal to want to interact with others and be part of a ‘tribe.’ Belonging to a community offers tons of great benefits. Here are eight of them:

1 – Encouragement abounds

In a strong, affectionate community, encouragement is both mutual and reciprocal. No matter the situation, there are times when you are the encourager and other times when you’re the one that needs encouragement. Either way, it’s nice to know you have cheerleaders and a good support network because sooner or later, we all experience difficulties, big and small. 

2 – Expands your network

A healthy community is one that allows its residents and members to connect deeply with like-minded people. In life or business, you may need a particular service, desire to cultivate relationships with more influential people, or wish to grow your network of friends. When you reside in a tight-knit community, you’ll find that neighbors are happy to help in all those respects, happily introducing you to others that can be of service.

3 – Creates pride in place

Think about your current community. Do you love where you live? Is it beautiful? Do you get excited to welcome people into your neighborhood? Your town? Are there places and spaces you look forward to showing off or sharing with them? If you answered yes to all of these, it means you live in an incredible community and have pride in place. If you answered no, it might be time to scope out a new place that’s a better fit for you.

4 – Online community

Beyond the physical community, most have expanded their reach to online communities. These include Facebook and Instagram pages and other online forums where everyone can easily interact. Online communities offer an additional avenue for people to get introduced, connect, share information, and expand conversations.

5 – Strong social interaction

When it comes to camaraderie and social atmosphere, nothing compares to a robust community. Entertaining events, social gatherings, and fun activities all boost social interaction. A 2010 study by Brigham Young University found that social interaction is vital for good health. The study showed that lack of social connection was worse than lack of exercise and that it’s twice as harmful to a person’s health as obesity. Granted, what you put into social interaction is what you get out of it, so participation is key. Getting out and getting involved provides the ability to meet cheerful people with similar interests. 

6 – Increases physical activity

An active community is one that encourages a healthy lifestyle. Having ready access to fantastic community amenities makes it easy. You could play golf, pickleball, or tennis when those facilities are close to home. It’s a cinch to enjoy fun fitness classes such as Zumba, Jazzercise, and yoga, go for a swim, or take Fido to the dog park when all are readily available. Plus, top-notch amenities offer the best of both worlds – physical exercise and fun social interaction with others, all of which do wonders for your health.

7 – Higher property values

Should you ever decide to sell your home or land, you may find that the resale value is excellent in a well-established community. It’s especially true in golf and lake communities since those homes are considered more prestigious and are highly sought-after. Property values hold strong due to beautiful views, lux amenities, and of course, friendly neighbors. 

8 – Better work-life balance

When you live someplace that’s ideal for both work and play, your work-life balance is better than ever. With so many of us working from home today, it’s nice to have a highly functional home office, but it’s even better to escape it to enjoy life. Whether it’s grabbing a delicious lunch at your local eatery, going for a quick hike on nearby trails, or throwing a line in the lake, quick and easy access is key. 

Fortunately, our Southern Living-Inspired Community encompasses all of these benefits and more. Our well-established, debt-free, gated neighborhood offers premium amenities, awesome activities, and some of the finest golf you can play in the Southeast. The best part? You’re invited to be a part of it. Stop looking and start living at Harbor Club. Contact us to learn more about our community today.