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Resort-Style Communities: The Perfect Place to Live in a Pandemic

Thursday, Jan 7, 2021  |  admin  |  At Home


Due to the pandemic, Americans are buying more homes in exclusive resort communities (like Harbor Club.) We’ve certainly seen an unprecedented uptick in sales this past year. But, what’s prompting so many people to buy in resort-style communities, especially during this era of COVID-19?

There are several reasons — these being the most prominent:

Vacation travel feels risky

COVID-19 made vacation travel a thing of the past. Few people risked going on trips. They avoided flying, and hotel stays due to fear of infection. For many, it made more sense to move to a resort-style community with tons of fun amenities. Doing so created the perfect “staycation” — one that’s readily available, 24/7, with no travel required. 

Resort communities are perfect for remote workers and students

The COVID-induced remote work trend fueled tons of real estate sales in resort communities. Families that can work from home and attend school online have a distinct advantage. They can work and get educated from anywhere there is access to high-speed internet. Now, people could both live and work from almost anyplace. So, why not plug in with a view of a gorgeous lake or a pristine golf course? Many aren’t hesitating to do it and are glad they did. 

Remote work is not a passing fad

The work from home trend isn’t expected to slow down. Many predict that some tech workers may never return to an office. Since COVID-19, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter have offered their employees a permanent work-from-home option. It seems that the pandemic has fundamentally changed the way most companies operate, increasingly allowing more of their employees to work from distant locations. Remote employees gain more freedom, and companies are saving money, so remote work is here to stay (in some capacity.) 

Resort communities are a sanctuary

Many resort-style communities have proven to be safe-havens during the pandemic. Several quickly adapted to their resident’s changing needs. At Harbor Club, we offered specialized services, like chef-prepared take-out meals and a curbside pickup for groceries. Now more than ever, living in a supportive, close-knit community full of great friends and neighbors brings much comfort and peace-of-mind, especially during challenging times. 

Nature abounds

No longer do people wish to pay top-dollar to live in crowded buildings close to the city. They’re fleeing urban areas in search of homes with more of a connection to the outdoors. No one wants to feel confined. They want safe places where they can go outside and enjoy the fresh air, warm sunshine, the tranquility of the woods, the serenity of a lake, and more. 

It’s social (in a safe way)

By design, resort-style communities offer plenty of opportunities to cultivate and grow social connections. Many are easily enjoyed (safely) outdoors with impressive amenities like a golf course, community garden, pool, marina, dog park, hiking trails, and more. Plus, community social events have changed to ensure the safety and well-being of others. There’s no need to cancel a neighborhood gathering if conducted safely. Plus, people love interacting and chatting with friends, even from a distance. It keeps spirits high at a time when we need it most. 

Better work/life and school/life balance

With so many parents and kids “Zooming” all day at home, it’s nice to get a break now and then. Our residents are making the most of those respites by heading outside. Resort-style living at Harbor Club offers plenty of quick, fun things to do. You could bring the dog to the dog park, practice on the putting green, hit a bucket of balls at the driving range, go for a quick run or walk at the track, take the boat out on the lake, grab a delicious lunch, or indulge in a zen-like yoga class. When there are tons of fun options readily available, it’s easy to take a break and enjoy well-earned recreational endeavors.

More room to breathe, inside and out

Most lux communities offer sizable, attractive, highly desirable homes. They are well-proportioned with more “elbow room” and better utilization of space, inside and outside the house. Outdoor porches and patios are ideal for both work and play. At Harbor Club, we’re finding that many of today’s high-end home buyers require spaces for multiple home offices — separate ones for mom and dad, as well as dedicated remote learning rooms for kids. Larger spaces, inside and outside the home, create harmony for all that live there. 

Ready to experience harmony and joy that only a resort-style community can bring? Consider living at Harbor Club on Lake Oconee, the only Southern Living-Inspired Community located in the beautiful state of Georgia. Boost your life and lifestyle in 2021, and contact us today to start planning your exclusive in-person or virtual visit. Your future self will thank you for it.