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2021 Home Decor and Design Trends

Thursday, Aug 26, 2021  |  admin  |  At Home


After spending tons of time inside this past year, many of you may be ready to refresh your home’s decor and design. Considering all that we’ve been through during the pandemic, change is undoubtedly good. So we’re sharing some of the latest home decor and design trends we’re seeing right now — much of which, not surprisingly, revolve around comfort. Soothing colors and styles are more popular than ever, and function seems to be surpassing form in 2021. 

Jettison the germs

Even though the pandemic is subsiding, many continue to be concerned about germs. With that in mind, high-traffic areas, like the kitchen, are seeing some upgrades. Easy ones to incorporate are touch-free trash bins and faucets. But we’re also seeing homeowners moving away from marble and granite countertops and opting for more non-porous ones, like quartz, Corian, and copper. Why? Since they are impervious to liquids, they’re much easier to clean and sanitize. They’re also highly stain-resistant — a nice plus.

Backsplashes and countertops unite

While we’re talking about countertops, another trend we’re seeing is exact-match backsplashes and countertops. Homeowners are opting to create their backsplash by running their countertop material up onto the wall. Depending on which countertop material you use, it can give your kitchen a stunning, seamless, and highly sophisticated appearance. Best of all, since it’s not the typical tile, there’s no grout to keep clean.

Pergolas are popular

One of the 2021 house plan trends we mentioned earlier this year was the increased desire for outdoor living space. Those alfresco ideals are here to stay. Pergolas are making a big comeback as people continue to head outside to do more activities, like entertaining, dining, relaxing, and even working. Everyone is realizing that the fresh air and sunshine are good for the soul, not to mention a great way to connect with nature. 

Nurture in nature

Speaking of connecting with nature, we’re seeing many natural elements being incorporated in home decor now. People are attracted to natural textures, such as wood, wicker, and rattan. We’re also seeing more earthy palettes like warm greens, browns, taupes, sand, and even beige — all cozy, comforting colors. Houseplants are also trending up. They have the added benefit of keeping the air in your home fresh and clean.

Promote your pantry 

Pantries are no longer that small cabinet or tiny kitchen closet. Instead, today’s working pantries are designer walk-in spaces that house extra refrigerators, sinks, additional counter space, wine racks, snack drawers, floating shelves, and custom glass doors (so everyone can see how beautiful they are.) With so many of us continuing to cook and eat at home today, homeowners want bigger, better, more organized places to store their food and beverages, not to mention all of their small appliances too.

Forget formal rooms

Say ‘so long’ to formal dining rooms and living rooms that are so rarely used today. The focus is now on more functional spaces instead. This is especially true for home offices and Zoom rooms, which were vital spaces during the pandemic. Today, we’re seeing an uptick in multi-functional workspaces, libraries, three-season rooms, attractive dropzones, and hobby rooms. Homeowners want more functional spaces that better reflect their personalities and deliver joy each time they are utilized. 

Benefit from a bidet

Want another way to gain joy? Use a bidet. Hear us out on this one. Remember the toilet paper shortage of 2020? It was no big deal for anyone who owned a bidet. But as popular as they are in Europe and Asia, they’re still making inroads in the U.S. However, according to Coherent Market Insights, North America accounts for the largest market share of bidet sales in the last three years running. Their growing popularity is no surprise considering they’re healthier and more gentle than toilet paper, not to mention better for the environment. Note that you don’t have to remodel and add a stand-alone fixture to your bathroom. There are tons of high-quality bidet toilet seats and add-on fixtures that are a cinch to install on your existing commode. The best part? The cleanliness you’ll feel is fantastic.

Let in the light

Natural light is in — the more sunlight you can invite into your space, the better. So ditch the heavy curtains and hang up pretty sheers instead. Some people are even opting to keep their windows bare. Natural light has a way of making your home feel cheerful and comfortable. The bonus? Natural light increases your serotonin, which is the hormone that regulates and stabilizes your mood, happiness, and well-being. 

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