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9 reasons to sell your house

9 Reasons to Put Your House on the Market

Thursday, Jun 22, 2023  |  admin  |  Real Estate

Are you thinking of selling your home? If so, you’re not alone. Even with a volatile real estate market, there are plenty of scenarios where selling makes sense. If you’re not quite sure and need some reassurance, here are nine reasons why you might want to put your house on the market:

Your family is growing

If a baby is on the way, it may be time to expand your home’s footprint to accommodate everyone in your family better. Moving into a larger home will help ensure everyone is more comfortable. Access to excellent education is also significant for growing families, so moving to a larger home in a great school district is a wise choice. 

Be closer to family

Location, location, location – that’s typically the main requirement for almost all homebuyers. The fact that Harbor Club is close to Atlanta, Athens, and Augusta helps, but there’s one unique selling point that we’ve discovered at Harbor Club – many of the people who bought homes in our community did so to be closer to family

You are ok with waiting for the right buyer

The days of bidding wars and multiple all-cash offers are, for the most part, over. On the flip side, property values have grown. If you’re ok with waiting for the right buyer, your patience will likely pay off in profits. Working with a seasoned real estate agent will help ensure you price your home right and get top dollar. 

You need a better work-from-home office space

The massive shift to remote work has changed how Americans work and where they do it. Today, working from home is now a common and widely accepted practice. Many are fleeing big cities in search of more peaceful, amenity-rich environments that offer homes with dedicated, well-appointed home office spaces.

You can make a profit

If property values in your neighborhood have grown significantly, or if you’ve lived in your current home for a long time and have accrued a lot of equity, now may be the best time to sell your house. Cashing out is even more profitable now because supply is low and demand is high. 

You can pay cash for your next home

The profit made from cashing out of your current home offers nice advantages. It’s especially true for those moving from areas with a high standard of living (like New York) to less expensive markets (like those in Georgia.) You have the advantage of buying with cash or at least buying with a sizeable down payment, which puts you in a better buying position. What’s more, the use of cash eliminates any worry about giving up a low-rate mortgage. 

High interest rates don’t bother you

Economic indicators show that mortgage interest rates will continue to stabilize in 2023. So if interest rates in the 5% or 6% range don’t bother you, a new mortgage shouldn’t hinder you from selling now. Plus, new creative financing options put the home of your dreams within easy reach. 

You’re ready to downsize

As your children begin to “fly the coop,” you may suddenly find yourself with a large home and yard that require tons of maintenance. Plus, you’re heating and cooling now empty, unutilized rooms. What to do? Downsize – but consider it “rightsizing” instead. Rightsizing is a better term that means you don’t have to sacrifice luxury or quality when moving to a smaller home. 

You’re ready for a change 

Sometimes, the best reason to sell your home is simply because you’re ready for a change. If you’re bored with your current home or looking for a location change, selling your home and moving to a new place can be a great way to start fresh.

The profitable sale of your current home and purchasing a new one is certainly possible in today’s market. Just be sure to work with an experienced real estate agent, prepare as much as possible, and maintain realistic expectations. If you do, all will work out well. Our seasoned Real Estate expert at Harbor Club, Kathy Phillips, makes the process of home buying and selling easy and stress-free. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. She and her team are happy to help.