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A1/A4 Bentgrass Greens: Why Harbor Club Golf Dominates in Fall and Spring

Thursday, Oct 7, 2021  |  admin  |  Golf


The grass used on a golf course is known as turfgrass. Turfgrass has to be pretty tough, handle plenty of traffic, and repair itself quickly from damage. The type of turf grass used on courses can make a big difference in a golfer’s experience, with premium golf courses using the best of the best. That’s why Harbor Club utilizes A1/A4 bentgrass on its greens — making it a dominant course to play in the fall and spring. 

More formally known as Penn A-1 / Penn A-4 creeping bentgrass, it is a combination of two proven performers that, when blended, make for an outstanding playing surface. In Georgia, it’s a cool-season grass that thrives from October through May. It prefers a cooler, less humid climate for ideal growth.

When asked about Harbor Club’s greens, our head golf pro, Keith Kelly, recently shared this fascinating fact with Pete Pappas (@pgapappas) on Instagram:

They’re A1/A4 bentgrass greens. They’re the same thing that’s at Augusta National. We don’t quite have the SubAir systems that they do, but they are very nice greens. In the spring and fall, they generally run anywhere from 13 to 15, depending on how firm our superintendent decides to make them. In the summertime, we slow them down a little bit to make them survive, but they’re still usually running between 11 and 12.

Some of the things that make A1/A4 bentgrass greens exceptional are a quick spring green-up, a dark green color, a fine leaf texture, outstanding disease resistance, a dense and aggressive growth habit, and its ability to withstand hot and cold temperatures. 

A1/A4 creeping bentgrass thrives on low mowing and a dry environment. When A1/A4 bentgrass greens are properly maintained, they provide the highest-quality putting surface with a very tight and consistent turf. It’s both smooth and grainless, which is why Harbor Club’s greens run from 13 to 15 during the fall. October and November offer the best greens conditions since those months are usually dryer than the winter months. 

Golfers prefer our championship golf course for many reasons:

  • The high-quality A1/A4 bentgrass greens make for a superior, smoother, and faster playing surface, especially in the fall and spring.
  • The incredible course design by award-winning golf architects Tom Weiskopf and Jay Morrish, especially with its challenging but fun risk/reward holes.
  • The course touches the shoreline of Lake Oconee on six different holes and skirting four creeks, making for a stunning backdrop during play.
  • Most importantly, the course is thoughtfully and meticulously maintained all year long by Superintendent Jeff Miller and his hardworking team.

We invite you to experience our course for yourself, especially this fall when the greens are at their very best. Book your tee time now for an enjoyable round that you won’t soon forget.