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Georgia Golf Course: 8 Tips for Superior Summer Rounds

Friday, Jul 21, 2023  |  admin  |  Golf

Playing the best golf course in Georgia during summer requires some planning. To beat the heat, it’s best to use strategies for staying cool on a hot day. But to make your summer season rounds even better, here are eight more tips for enjoyable play on our award-winning Georgia golf course:

More daylight = more play

Summer in Georgia offers plenty of long daylight hours, meaning more time to play. Playing two rounds (36 holes), back-to-back in the summertime is possible, especially when using a golf cart (which we recommend.) And if two rounds seem like too much, use the extra daylight to practice putting during the evening instead.

Play a late round

Most players typically enjoy an early morning round during the summertime. However, playing a round late on a summer day offers slightly cooler temperatures and, even better, special twilight rates. While it may not be quite as cool as early morning, the humidity and dew points are often lower, making it easier for your body to stay cool and dry. 

Lighten your load

By this, we mean clean out your golf bag. When was the last time you completely emptied it? If it’s been a while, do yourself a favor and clean it out thoroughly so you’re not carrying around any unnecessary weight.

Select your club wisely

Think twice before choosing your club during summertime. When the weather is warmer, your golf ball travels farther. This is because cold air is more dense than warm air, creating more friction and drag. Also, consider the fact that our muscles are more flexible and responsive at higher temperatures, which helps the efficiency of your golf swing.

Use a mini fan

A small, battery-powered fan is easy to stash in your golf bag and is a welcome asset on a hot day. Some portable fans can easily clip onto your golf cart. Others have water misters built in, which help keep you even cooler.

Stay hydrated

We’ve mentioned it before–and we’ll mention it again – hydration is vital for top-notch performance on any Georgia golf course. The best fluids to drink while playing golf here during the summer months are sports drinks with electrolytes, coconut water, and plain fresh water. Avoid any sugary sodas, alcoholic beverages, and coffee drinks.

Remove your glove

Most golfers remove their gloves only when putting. During the summer, try taking it off after every hit. Doing so will not only be more comfortable for you, but it will also keep your glove dryer, help preserve its original shape, and keep it from stiffening up. 

Beware of lightning

Summer thunderstorms are common in the South. If there’s lightning in the area, play it safe and seek shelter immediately. Note that golf carts and trees are not safe places during thunderstorms. It’s better to hunker down in the safety of a substantial building – one like our Clubhouse, where you can ride out the storm and enjoy a snack and drink while doing so.

Summer or otherwise, playing golf here at Harbor Club on Lake Oconee is enjoyable any time of year. Don’t miss out – book your tee time today. We look forward to seeing you on our championship golf course soon.