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Summer Golf: 9 Ways to Stay Cool on a Hot Day

Monday, Jun 27, 2022  |  admin  |  Golf


Our Instagram friend, Golf Lake Oconee, recently shared a helpful post with great tips for beating the heat on the golf course. Considering that summer is in full swing (pun intended), we wanted to expand on that to help keep golfers safe while having fun during their rounds.

So here are some tips and tricks for staying cool and enjoying golf during a hot summer day:

Play in the morning

Go for an early morning tee time to help avoid the hottest parts of the day. An 8:00 AM tee time will have you off the course at a reasonable time. The only issue about playing earlier in the day is that other golfers are vying for the same tee times, so book yours in advance to reserve your spot. 

Stay hydrated

Make sure you’re fully hydrated before your tee time. Bring a frozen bottle of water with you to sip on throughout the day. And while water is great, sports drinks are better since they provide electrolytes. Avoid alcoholic and caffeinated beverages, as those will dehydrate your body quickly. 

Freeze your golf towel

The night before your tee time, take a clean golf or hand towel, saturate it with water, and freeze it overnight. Then, pack the frozen towel in a cooler when you head out to the course. It’ll be a refreshing cold compress on your skin when you need a quick way to cool off.

Wear performance clothing

Utilize moisture-wicking clothing that will help keep you cool and dry. Lighter colors work best as dark colors absorb too much heat. In addition, some performance clothing offers special sun-block fabrics with Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF), which will help further protect your skin. And don’t forget to wear a comfortable, breathable hat with a band that absorbs perspiration. (Note: Our golf pros are happy to make recommendations and help you pick out stylish, high-performance gear in the Pro Shop.)

Ride in a golf cart

We admire all those who walk the golf course, as it’s an excellent workout with multiple benefits. However, on a hot day, it’s not advisable. Be kind to your body. A golf cart will make life a bit easier for toting yourself and your clubs around the course. Plus, it offers a nice breeze and welcome shade. 

Use your golf umbrella

Just like you would use it for a rain storm, you can just as easily use your golf umbrella to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. You’ll be glad to quickly pop it open during times when there’s no other shade available.

Wear sunscreen and sunglasses

Check your sunscreen to make sure it’s not expired. The expired stuff will not work anymore, so invest in a new bottle. Go for a brand that is sweat-proof. Mineral-based sunscreens work best as they physically block out the sun’s rays. And don’t forget to wear your sunglasses as they’ll help shield your eyes from the sun and improve your eyesight around the course. 

Listen to your body

If you don’t feel well, take it as a warning. Take a break and listen to your body. Just like you would with a bad thunderstorm, take heed and don’t be afraid to leave early. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Nourish yourself

After you’ve finished up your game, be sure to head over to the “19th hole.” At Harbor Club, that’s The Clubhouse Restaurant. You and your fellow players can replenish yourselves with refreshing beverages and lunch while enjoying a great view of 18. 

So don’t let the summer weather prevent you from playing golf at Harbor Club. Book your tee time today. We look forward to seeing you on our championship golf course soon.