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Golf Swing Tempo Tips

Thursday, Nov 30, 2023  |  admin  |  Golf

In the world of golf, where every aspect of a swing is meticulously analyzed, one often overlooked element is the tempo of the swing. While swing mechanics and clubhead speed receive ample attention, the rhythm and timing of the entire movement often go unnoticed. We recently asked our Head Golf Professional, Keith Kelly, for some basic guidelines on the impact of tempo on the overall performance of a golfer’s swing. Here’s his wise advice:

“When talking about the golf swing, very few people talk about the tempo of the swing. There was a good study on tempo in the early 2000s, and the results were astonishing. Most tour pros who were successful in golf had the same tempo of 3:1. When they got out of this tempo, their game suffered. Most amateurs have too slow of a backswing, and their tempo is off. Tempo can affect many things in the swing that we do not realize. The two main things it affects are distance and consistency in shot patterns. I always talk to my students about avoiding hitting the ball hard with their upper body. This happens because the tempo is off, and they are trying to speed the swing up.

It is not easy to fix on your own, but there are some good tools out there to help you fix tempo. There is an app that costs about $25 called Tour Temp that you can put on your phone to help fix tempo (Also a book written about it with the same title if you don’t like apps). There is also the swing tool called the Orange Whip that can help fix your tempo. Will it fix everything in your swing? Of course not, but it will make you more consistent in your ball striking.”

While these tools offer valuable support, mastering tempo requires a combination of practice and self-awareness. Golfers must carefully monitor their swing, consciously maintaining the 3:1 tempo ratio. With dedication and perseverance, golfers can unlock the power of tempo and elevate their game to new heights.

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