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Golf Tip: How to Improve Speed Control

Thursday, Dec 29, 2022  |  admin  |  Golf

A new year is almost here and we’re sharing another great golf tip from our head golf professional, Keith Kelly this week to kickstart your 2023 golf season!

Want to be a great putter? It’s attainable if you concentrate on your putting speed and distance control. Controlling your speed more effectively on the greens helps get the ball closer to the hole and will undoubtedly provide you with a better score.

However, even if you read the greens correctly, your chances of sinking that putt diminish significantly if you don’t have the right speed. Attaining it is not as elusive as you may think, and therefore, the motive for our latest golf tip.

Over half of our strokes can be on the putting green. It is important to understand that speed control can help you eliminate three putts and help you make more putts. Most students who have a problem with speed control are using too much wrist action in their putts. A good way to eliminate this problem is to make sure you have the correct grip on the putter.

Whether you are putting conventional or cross-handed does not matter. Placing the grip in the palm of your hand on both hands will promote less wrist action and allow the shoulders to move the club instead of flipping your wrists. This will make your speed control much more consistent and will help eliminate three putts. Once you’re comfortable with the new grip, work on drills from different distances, along with practicing short putts from around the hole. You will be putting much better in no time, and your scores will come down.

Spending more time challenging yourself on the practice greens is good advice. Put more purpose into your practice putts. By doing so, you’ll notice improvements on the course later when it truly counts. 

Also, consider trying out a new putter. Simply changing the feel of your putter can be advantageous. Our friendly team at the Pro Shop would be happy to help you experiment with some different options. 

Another recommendation for improving your overall performance on the course is indulging in a few golf lessons. Our knowledgeable golf pros can provide you with excellent, personalized advice that will easily take your game from good to great. 

No matter how you decide to give your game a boost, we invite you to play our award-winning Weiskopf/Morrish-designed course. It’s a fun and rewarding golf experience that you’ll not soon forget. Book your tee time online today. We look forward to seeing you at Harbor Club in 2023!

Happy New Year!