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Golf tip - proper ball position

Golf Tip: Proper Ball Position, Part Two

Thursday, Mar 9, 2023  |  admin  |  Golf

You may recall that last month’s valuable golf tip regarded ball position. It showed how important it is to have the proper stance and how far away you are from the ball. To add to that knowledgeable advice, we’re sharing part two. It’s about the ball position relative to the left and right foot in your stance. Here’s what our Head Golf Professional, Keith Kelly, had to say:

One of the most important things in the setup for a golfer is ball position. You can do everything correctly in a swing, but if the ball position is off, then you will not hit the ball solidly. The second part of the ball position is the position relative to the left and right foot in the stance.

The position relative to the left and right foot in the stance – If you put the ball too far in front of your stance, you will tend to hit low on the face of the club, and you will roll the ball on the ground. If you do get it in the air, then the ball will tend to go left because the face will start to close. If the ball position is too far back in the stance, you will tend to hit on top of the ball and drive it into the ground. If you do get it in the air, the ball will tend to go right because the face of the club has not squared up yet.

To get the correct position, put the ball about a club head inside the lead foot. For shorter irons, your feet will be close together, putting the ball in the middle of the stance. For mid-irons, move back the right foot (if you are right-handed) so that your center moves back more behind the ball. For long irons, you do the same thing. Relative to the lead foot, the ball position will not change, but your center will move behind the ball more. Only when you go to woods or drivers will the ball move forward in the stance.

If you work on being consistent with this setup of ball position, then your strikes and trajectory will also become more consistent in your rounds.”

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