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How to sell your home fast

Home Selling: 9 Tips for a Fast and Easy Sale

Thursday, Jul 13, 2023  |  admin  |  Real Estate

Sometimes you have to sell your home…fast. It could be due to job relocation, a pending offer on a new house, or a unique family situation. Whatever the reason, you’ll need to get multiple buyers interested in purchasing your home quickly and at the right price. Here are nine tips for selling your home that will help make it happen:

Entice with your entryway

Impress buyers with a welcoming front entryway and a pristine foyer. It’s not uncommon for buyers to decide on a home within the first few seconds of entering it. So keep these areas tidy, clean, and as impressive and welcoming as possible.

Clear clutter and make repairs

Declutter every room of your house, including all closets, the basement, the attic, and other storage areas. If any major repairs need to be made, take care of them immediately. A clean, decluttered, well-maintained home is highly attractive to potential buyers, and it goes a long way in helping them imagine living there. 

Depersonalize and neutralize

To sell your home quickly, you want buyers to see it as a home for their family rather than yours. To help them envision that, remove all of your family photos, political items, and religious memorabilia. Clear everything off of the refrigerator. Anything that reflects that the house is yours should be removed, including any collections, children’s toys, and sports paraphernalia. Afterward, if the rooms look too empty, add neutral art pieces that appeal to anyone.

Let in the light

People always talk about how much they admire “light and bright” rooms, so let in the light wherever possible. One trick is to wash all your windows so they’re sparkling clean. Especially for showings, be sure all your curtains and blinds are open to let the sunshine in. And, if you have any dark rooms, turn on lights and strategically-placed lamps to make those spaces more appealing. 

Consider paint possibilities 

If you have any non-neutral colors inside or outside your home, repaint them in shades of white, gray, taupe, or cream. A fresh coat of neutral paint does wonders to freshen up your house, inside and out. Also, if you have any overly elaborate wallpaper, consider removing it, as it may be a turn-off for potential buyers. Neutral-colored rooms help buyers see how they can add their own personal touches to the home.

Stage for success

Staging makes your home look its very best through highly-appealing furniture arrangements and fresh decor. According to the 2021 Profile of Home Staging, 82% of buyers’ agents stated that staging made it easier for buyers to visualize a property as their future home, which helped sell the house faster. According to the same report, staging the living room was very important to 46% of buyers, followed by the primary bedroom at 43%, then the kitchen at 35%.

Get professional photos

High-quality, professionally-done photos are critical when marketing your home – especially online. A professional real estate photographer will know how to take the best, most flattering pictures of your home, inside and out. They know how to capture all of the most important rooms in their best light, making your listing more appealing to buyers and helping to gain more traffic and sell it faster. 

Try a 3D tour

In addition to professional photos, consider a 3D tour of your home. 3D tours became standard for online listings during the COVID-19 pandemic because seeing a house in person wasn’t always viable. A 3D tour allows potential buyers to do a “walk-through” of the home from anywhere at any time. They’ve even helped encourage buyers to purchase a home sight unseen. 

Seek a seasoned Real Estate agent

A highly-knowledgeable real estate agent understands the local market and will price your home appropriately and competitively. Setting a realistic and competitive asking price is one of the best ways to sell your house fast. Your agent will also market your home more effectively to get it to the right buyers.

Selling a house quickly can be intimidating, but following through on these tips and utilizing the wise advice of a seasoned Realtor will provide impressive offers and a successful sale in no time. Our Sales Director, Kathy Phillips, is happy to offer more thoughtful suggestions for selling your house, especially if it’s located in Harbor Club. Get in touch today.

Note: The interior image shown above is of a home currently for sale in Harbor Club. See the listing for 1010 Glen Eagle Drive