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Health and Wellness: 3 Main Homebuyer Considerations

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022  |  admin  |  Real Estate


Where we live, work and play significantly impacts our overall health and wellness. That’s why it’s no surprise that thousands of homebuyers are making a move to communities that support and encourage healthier living. Today, health is the new wealth, as the pandemic boosted the demand for a better lifestyle.

A recent World Health Organization study found that 80 to 90 percent of our health outcomes are intimately tied to where and how we live. Sadly, most modern lifestyle patterns include lack of physical activity, an unhealthy diet, stress, and social isolation – all contributing to increased chronic ailments. In an effort to avoid these troubles, today’s homebuyers are focusing on communities that emphasize health, safety, and wellness. Here are the three main factors to consider:

Fitness options

Health-based communities offer their residents beautiful, natural environments for wholesome living as well as modern amenities that contribute to a wellness-centric lifestyle. At Harbor Club, for example, several options readily provide the tools for better health. Some of these include:

  • A well-equipped Fitness Center that provides multiple options for both cardio and weight training 
  • Exercise classes, including yoga, strength training, Jazzercise, and more
  • A sparking Junior-Olympic-sized pool for a refreshing dip or to swim laps
  • A quarter-mile track to enjoy a run, jog, or walk
  • A grandstand that offers a great view of our sports field, and a place for interval training, with sprints up and down the steps
  • Hiking and FitTrails for ambles in nature
  • A dog park for active play with your pup
  • Award-winning golf on our Weiskopf/Morrish-designed course
  • Racquet sports, like pickleball and tennis
  • A Community Garden for cultivating friendships and bountiful harvests
  • Croquet for leisurely play with friends

These fun fitness options are there for Harbor Club residents and members by design. They’re a never-ending source of joy and fulfillment, not to mention a significant contributor to good health.

Social interaction

Studies show that neighborhoods that facilitate more social interactions help to increase healthy behaviors. That’s why you see so many porches on the front of homes at Harbor Club. They create opportunities for homeowners to enjoy an extended living space and have more friendly interactions with neighbors. Our social events, activity groups, and other clubs also significantly increase social capital. Here, we know that caring individuals with high social capital are more likely to encourage wellness and share valuable health information among good friends and neighbors. Finding the best nearby dentist, for example, is no longer a daunting task.

Home dynamics

Front porches aren’t the only wellness asset of our homes. A home should never be a hassle. A quality-built, polished home that’s easy to maintain is highly ideal (especially if yard maintenance is included, like at The Enclave at Heron Ridge and our Cottage Series homes.) All Harbor Club homes are retreats for getting re-centered and re-energized. Big or small, they’re all sanctuaries that encourage fulfilling, happy lifestyles. So no matter whether you’re a Millennial homebuyer or one who’s more interested in aging in place, there’s a home for you at Harbor Club.

Interested in learning more? Let’s start planning your visit today so you can discover a better, healthier, happier life tomorrow.