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Brooke Chandler

Meet Our New Sales Coordinator, Brooke Chandler

Thursday, Sep 7, 2023  |  admin  |  Latest News

We’re excited to introduce you to Brooke Chandler, our new Sales Coordinator at Harbor Club on Lake Oconee. If you haven’t met her yet, you’ll learn that Brooke is outgoing, eager, and super-friendly. She’s enthusiastic about working at Harbor Club, and we love having her on our team. We recently sat down with Brooke to learn more about her professional background, her new job here, what she loves most about Harbor Club, and a few fun facts about her. 

Tell us a little about your professional background and what made you decide to join the Harbor Club team.

I attended Georgia Southern from 2016 through 2020. But, when COVID hit, I moved back to the Lake Oconee area, where I grew up in my younger years. Because of the pandemic, I had to finish my schooling online. After that, the job market was crazy, so I worked at the golf shop at Reynolds. What I thought would be a temporary stint ended up lasting eight months, and during that time, I was given an Employee of the Quarter award! Soon after that, I joined the Reynolds Marketing team as a Coordinator – a job I held for two years. It was a great experience, and I’m thankful for all I learned. It put me in an excellent position to apply for and obtain the Sales Coordinator job at Harbor Club. While I’ve only been here three weeks, it’s been a great fit so far, and I love working with our Sales Director, Kathy Phillips

What are some of the main things you, as a Sales Coordinator, do for Harbor Club Real Estate?

I coordinate much of the paperwork required for real estate sales – everything from the signed contract to closing, so it’s a lot – but I enjoy it. I also help handle Kathy’s new social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram. We post about her latest real estate listings, helpful tips, and fun videos. I’d love for more people to like and follow her to see all the good stuff we share. 

Have you discovered a favorite part of your job yet? Tell us about it.

Even though I’m still relatively new, I love the family-like atmosphere here. Seeing my colleagues work well together and help each other is a joy. I enjoy helping people too, so it feels good working here and being on a team where everyone likes to lend a hand.

What do you find most rewarding about working at Harbor Club so far?

We had a couple walk in the sales office two days ago, and Kathy took them on a tour. They loved the community and seeing some different houses, but none of the homes felt like “the one” to them. That is, until yesterday! Kathy showed them the absolute perfect house, and they were ecstatic. The wife even hugged me because she was so happy! It was a rewarding experience, and I can’t wait to help more people discover their dream homes here.

Considering your position dealing with Harbor Club Real Estate, what do you feel is the main benefit of living or purchasing property here?

In my opinion, one of the most significant benefits is Harbor Club’s location. Being close to Interstate 20 and having easy access to Lake Oconee and our incredible golf course are huge assets. Even better, the residents and members here are all so laid back and kind. It’s a wonderful atmosphere to live and work.

What do you feel are the main benefits for clients who hire Kathy for their real estate needs?

My family is in real estate in this area, and they speak very highly of Kathy. It’s one of the reasons why I jumped at the opportunity to work with her. She is an unparalleled expert when it comes to Harbor Club Lake Oconee real estate. I’ve already seen her work out amazing deals for her clients. She is incredibly knowledgeable and gives people a lot of visibility into the Harbor Club lifestyle. She knows it better than anyone since she lives at Harbor Club too!

Of all the neighborhoods and house types available at Harbor Club, which is your favorite? Why?

I have two favorite home plans. They are both estate homes and are highly impressive. They are The Belvedere and The Caroline, both built by Waterford Homes. If I had a choice, I’d have one of those plans built on a basement with finished space for a nice rec room and a movie room too.

Considering what you’ve experienced at Harbor Club so far, what is your favorite part about the overall lifestyle at Harbor Club?

One of the biggest assets at Harbor Club is that you can drive your golf cart almost anywhere. If you follow the proper rules, you can drive it on the golf course and the roads. It’s like a mini Peachtree City here. I also like seeing so many people having fun at Harbor Club. I’ve witnessed many people playing pickleball, and I’m jealous! I plan on learning how to play soon. Last but not least, I love seeing all the nods to nearby Augusta National. I’m excited to be here for the next Masters Week. 

When not working, what do you like to do for fun? Are there any hobbies you enjoy?

Not surprisingly, I love playing golf and especially like having access to Harbor Club’s championship course. I also really enjoy boating and wake surfing on Lake Oconee. I’m a dog person too, and it’s fun taking the dogs (both my and Kathy’s) to the dog park. During my downtime, I enjoy chilling out with a really good book.

Care to share any other interesting, fun facts about yourself?

Right after I finished high school, I took a trip to New Zealand. It was fun exploring such a beautiful country and learning about the culture. I even witnessed the famous haka, the Maori war dance, which was an incredible experience. I also got to play bubble soccer, where you are half-encased inside a giant inflatable ball. Best of all, I bungee jumped off a gigantic bridge – and lived to tell about it!

We’re certainly glad that Brooke survived and thrived after her extraordinary adventures in New Zealand. But we’re even more thrilled that she’s now on our team at Harbor Club. She’s a great asset who’s excited to help people learn more about how fantastic life can be here. Feel free to send her a note requesting information about our real estate opportunities or to arrange an exclusive Discovery Experience. Better yet, simply drop by the Sales Center to welcome her and say hello. We all look forward to seeing you soon.