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4 (More) Reasons Why It’s Never Too Late to Learn How to Play Golf

Thursday, Oct 21, 2021  |  admin  |  Latest News


Last year we shared that it’s never too late to learn how to play golf. This year we’re expanding on that notion. There’s no better time than the present. And more often than not, those who wait wish they had started playing sooner. It’s understandable considering all the great benefits. Here are some reasons to consider:

Golf is a social sport

Playing golf is an excellent opportunity to grow your social networks. Playing stimulates cooperation, communication, and conflict resolution, allowing all players to appreciate each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Think about it — the more social you are, the more access you have to information, ideas, business opportunities, emotional support, cooperation, goodwill, and trust. What’s more, the Clubhouse is an ideal place to interact before and after a round (aka the “19th hole.”) 

Golf boosts brain health

Golf makes your brain sharper than ever. Sure, the physical activity from play improves blood flow to your brain, but it must process a lot of information too. Creative problem-solving is key–especially if your ball ends up in a challenging location. As you think strategically about your next move, you’ll enhance your focus and attention, better understand physics, and improve your hand-eye coordination. Of course, you’ll learn from your mistakes, too, helping you to conquer new challenges better and boost your score in the future. 

Golf can be rewarding

…and that’s especially true with our Weiskopf/Morrish-designed golf course. It’s configured to encourage rather than intimidate players — emboldening them to genuinely enjoy the game. A popular element of a Weiskopf/Morrish-designed course is a driveable par-four hole. These offer a real possibility to score a hole-in-one. While it’s certainly feasible, it’s also not likely. However, on the rare occasion that it does happen, the achievement feels incredibly exhilarating and rewarding. Either way, the entire course is enjoyable to play, no matter the player’s experience level.

Golf offers multiple health benefits

Sure, you already know that golf offers a great way to stay fit, tone up, lose weight, and increase your endurance, but there are some additional interesting health benefits too. For example, playing golf is known to decrease your stress level and improve your sleep. In addition, it helps improve your posture — something that can instantly make you look younger, slimmer, and more confident. And if you carry your clubs, you’ll be doing weight-bearing exercise, which is an activity that helps strengthen bones. Since you’re playing outside, you’ll also get a nice dose of vitamin D (aka the “sunshine vitamin.”) Vitamin D helps your bones absorb calcium, which further strengthens them. Best of all, you’ll live longer. A Swedish study found golfers cut their death rate by an astonishing 40 percent. That equates to a five-year increase in life expectancy.

Whether you’re approaching your “autumn years” or not, autumn is one of the best times to enjoy a round of golf at Harbor Club. Our A1/A4 bentgrass greens (just like the ones at Augusta National) are impeccable in the fall. So, why wait? Indulge yourself. With so many great benefits, now is the time to schedule some fun lessons with our friendly golf pros. Contact us today.